SEC Baseball Week in Review

Please excuse the brevity. It's late, I'm tired, my knees are on fire, and I can already tell this week is going to be crazy.

Tuesday, May 1st thru Sunday, May 6th

Western Division

5/01 Bama 12 vs Miss. Valley State 1
5/04 Bama 2 at Florida 6
5/05 Bama 3 at Florida 9
5/06 Bama 7 at Florida 5

I just don't even care anymore.

5/04 Arkansas 5 vs LSU 6
5/05 Arkansas 5 vs LSU 0
5/06 Arkansas 3 vs LSU 5

The Hawgs couldn't handle the visiting Tigers, dropping the deciding game Sunday after shutting out LSU on Saturday and dropping a close on Friday night. They'll visit beautiful Tuscaloosa this weekend where, if there's any method to the madness of Alabama Baseball, they'll be beaten like they stole something.

5/04 Auburn 1 at MSU 4
5/05 Auburn 6 at MSU 11
5/06 Auburn 5 at MSU 9

The road was unkind to the Teagles, as they were swept in Starkville in dominating fashion. Things get worse this weekend as they head to Nashville for a date with Vandy.

5/01 LSU 9 vs Southern 7
5/01 LSU 8 vs Nicholls State 3
5/04 LSU 6 at Arkansas 5
5/05 LSU 0 at Arkansas 5
5/06 LSU 5 at Arkansas 3

After taking the midweek doubleheader and the weekend series with Arkansas, LSU gets the week off to prepare for a visiting Gators squad.

5/02 Ole Miss 10 at Memphis 2
5/04 Ole Miss 2 at UT 3
5/05 Ole Miss 6 at UT 7
5/06 Ole Miss 7 at UT 6

It was a weekend of come from behind rallys for Ole Miss and UT, but unfortunately for the Rebs only one went their way. They'll take the week off before welcoming Kentucky to Oxford for the weekend.

5/04 State 4 vs Auburn 1
5/05 State 11 vs Auburn 6
5/06 State 9 vs Auburn 5

They swept the Teagles. Go Bulldogs.

Eastern Division

5/04 Florida 6 vs Bama 1
5/05 Florida 9 vs Bama 3
5/06 Florida 5 vs Bama 7

The Gators took their series with our own beloved Tide two games to one, so screw them.

5/01 UGA 12 vs Wofford 6
5/04 UGA 5 vs Vandy 8
5/05 UGA 7 vs Vandy 0
5/06 UGA 4 vs Vandy 15

The Dawgs did manage to shut out #1 Vanderbilt on Saturday, so they've got that going for them, but they're still at the bottom of the Eastern Division, so I guess they've got that going for them, too. They'll welcome both Ga. Tech and the other Bulldogs to Athens this week.

5/04 Kentucky 1 at SC 8
5/05 Kentucky 8 at SC 4
5/06 Kentucky 6 at SC 13

There's a "'Cats pounded by 'Cocks" joke in there, but this is a family blog, so we'll just ignore it and move along. Kentucky will take a quick road trip to Evansville, IN for a date with, appropriately enough, Evansville tomorrow, before heading back out for Oxford on Friday.

5/04 SC 8 vs Kentucky 1
5/05 SC 4 vs Kentucky 8
5/06 South Carolina 13 vs Kentucky 6


5/04 UT 3 vs Ole Miss 2
5/05 UT 7 vs Ole Miss 6
5/06 UT 6 vs Ole Miss 7

Boo, hiss, whatever. The Vols will welcome Tennesse Temple (who?) and Belmont today and tomorrow before continuing conference play on Friday with a visit from South Carolina.

5/04 Vandy 8 at UGA 5
5/05 Vandy 0 at UGA 7
5/06 Vandy 15 at UGA 4

Vandy won? Get out of here!

For you "not just Alabama" baseball guys out there, here are a few other blogs that are doing a roundup of their respective conference's performance:
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