I waited all day yesterday for OTS to put up the weekly meltdown thread, so I could add a couple I saw.  With us having a bye week and not as much to read on us, I had extra time on my hands.  The links may be copy and paste, sorry.  Nothing too epic, but still funny.  If ya'll saw some good ones, please add to these:

Starting with the Thursday night Clemson-Wake Forest game from the Wake Live Blog on Block C(a website run by a couple of Clemson graduates), JasonL posted:

"I Hate You Tommy Bowden and Terry Don Phillips. You Have Destroyed My Clemson Tigers And Reduced Them To A Punchline For Sissy Sportswriters. I Hope You Both Are Eaten By Killer Ants, You AssClowns!!!!"

Killer Ants?  Now that's cold.

On to Saturday's games.  I had to see what Cook and his Wolverine lovers had to say about their loss to MAC team Toledo 13-10.  Went to the source first,

Tim Waymen said:

"Anyone up for a suicide pact?"

I'll say again - thank you Rich Rod for not coming to Tuscaloosa!  From Dr Saturday's "Michigan 2008 is officially Notre Dame 2007", AM says:

"I bleed Maize and Blue, but i just cannot take it anymore. I love the guys, and they are new, but not a fan of the new coach. Everyone knew it would be a rough year, but losing to Toledo is a stab in the chest. With what is left on the schedule, i doubt the team can pull off any victory or even a close game. All remaining home games, the coach should be booed non-stop!",114267

Couldn't let a couple of good Barner ones go - from Dr Saturday's "Meet the new Auburn, slightly worse than the old Auburn", let's thank kasey w for this post:

"UH, go ahead and count us out of the Iron Bowl, its ok.",114278

"Loyal" Tiger Russ says:

"On the bright side….I won’t be pissing my wife off anymore on Saturdays watching football. Not to sound like a fickle fan, but, I just can’t waste anymore weekends watching this mess unfold."

Funniest of all is this conspiracy theory from Gaines:

"This is a grand plan by Tuberville. Lure Bama into thinking that they can beat us handily by our losses and near losses all year long. Meanwhile, we rebuild “the future” under the radar and win it all next year."

Quote of the Day(similar in thought to "you can't spell slut without UT") was on Dr Saturday's Week Seven Live Blog from this obvious Longhorn fan Coby M:

"Thought for the day........You can't spell the word douche without the "OU" in it!",114261

Glad the bye week is over.  I'm ready for some ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!


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