Insiders suspect Tubs is already gone.

Im not stiring the shit but this was Fwd to me from a gator fan who is usually in the know about stuff like this. Im not taking it as the bible but this guy is usually right on.

Insiders suspect Tubs is already gone.

I'm hoping this ISNT the case, because I'm a Tuberville supporter and don't think the man should leave because of one bad hire on offense...but this was posted by an AU fan who hasn't been wrong before.

FYI, IF...IF this were true, yes I do believe Davis would leave UNC for AU. He will always be second fiddle to the BBall team at UNC, he would be a rock star at AU. And we have deep enough pockets to give him whatever he wants.

However, I'm hoping this HASNT gone down.



First, that I posted that Tuberville was told IF he lost the Arkansas game he was going to be terminated. My post was deleted and I was given no reason why. Well, we lost the game. Tuberville has already met with the powers that be and they will negotiate Tuberville's termination.

Thursday and Friday everything will be sorted out and Tuberville has agreed to remain for the rest of the season. This is an amicable split between AU and Tuberville. They did not want another Terry Bowden type situation to occur. Now that that is out of the way...............

As I posted after the Arkansas loss, Butch Davis is the #1 target by our power brokers and will be offered the job. He is one of few people that can neutralize Sabear and Alabama not only in recruiting but in building a very good competent coaching staff. He will be offered a rate at or exceeding 3.5 million a year as in today's big time football world that is the going rate for a "Program Builder" type coach. Butch is not willing to talk during the season but we all know how that really works as there has been contact with his agent and another intermediary that has Auburn ties.

Lane Kiffen has already been contacted and will be a fall back guy if Davis decides not to accept the job. I was told he is NOT neccasarily our #2 guy just that we are keeping our options open.

Additionally, Derek Dooley has also been contacted and is in the same situation as Kiffin. Both would be fall back guys if we for what ever reason could not come to terms with Davis.

Butch Davis is going to want and request FULL CONTROL of the Auburn football program and if he is willing to come our administration better give it to him. Due to how other teams in the SEC have upgraded their coaches our powers that be know we can't accept a mediocre coach and it is why were are going to target Davis a guy who can recruit like hell, put together an excellent staff, and will NOT under any circumstances put up with questionable or illegal practices by bammer.

The future is very bright and we are going to put all of our eggs in one basket and I am confident that we will get our man.


Again, take it for its worth but don't be surprised if this all pans out.

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