"Playoffs? Playoffs?" --Jim Mora

I've heard some guy talking about shortening the regular season to accomodate an 8-team playoff in the future.  I realize that can't happen very soon, but I am firmly opposed to the idea. 

I don't like the concept of pulling money away from the university, the town, and the State, to support a playoff.  Even if Bama is one of the Elite 8, I doubt many (if any) of those games would be played at home.

And what about smaller teams and towns?  They would be the ones to suffer from this.  They rely on the revenue generated by home games. 

And seriously, isn't every national championship somewhat 'mythical'?  When a 4-seed Arizona or 8-seed Louisville wins the NCAA b'ball tourney, are they definitely the best team, or did they just wind up in the right place at the right time?  I had a blast watching Arizona knock off Kentucky, Kansas, and UNC years ago, but I'm not convinced they were the best team.

The NBA hoops format (best of 7) is the best way to determine the best team, but we could never do that in football -- the players would die.  LIterally.

As it stands, the entire season is a playoff.  If teams (USC, Penn State, UF) play themselves out by not focusing against good-not-great teams, so be it.  If it happens to us in the future, so be it. 

Bama is undefeated because they have done things the right way each week.  We may lose to a superior opponent down the road, but it's unlikely we'll lose to an inferior opponent because we approach things the right way.  That's how it should be.

The BCS poll/computer system could certainly be improved, but I don't think I could ever support a playoff system in college football...especially since we seem to already have one, of sorts.  Hopefully, we'll play UF and one other school off before the season ends.

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