Holla' for the Apple Cup

Wazzu, 1-10 (win over FCS team)(0-8 PAC 10)

  • 118th Total Offense, 12.6 ppg, 3.8 yards per play
  • 3rd down conversion: 26.49%
  • Fun stats: 20 picks/6 TDs through the air, 4.25 yards per punt return
  • On defense it's worse: 45.8 ppg. They've been blanked three times, had 60+ dropped on them three times, and 50+ 5 times
  • The give up 6+ yards per rush, and have been gashed for a staggering 2922 total ground yards. They've also given up nearly 2200 yards through the air, and QB's have an average efficiency near 140.
  • They've forced a total of 11 turnovers, while turning it over 35 times
  • Closest conference game: 3-28 L to UCLA
  • Worst beating: USC in a game that could have hit 100 by halftime.

Washington, 0-10 (0-7 Pac 10)

  • 117th Total Offense, 13.9 ppg, 4.1 yards per play
  • 3rd down conversion: 42.47%
  • Fun stats: Give up over 13 yards per punt return, while earning a mere 5.
  • On defense, equally grim: 39.9 ppg. They've been shutout only once, but have given up 40+ five times, and they did lose to ND 7-33
  • Give up 6.6 yards per rush, and have surrendered a France-like 2200+ on the ground. Through the air, QBs have a rating of 166 (!!!), and they have been consistent in also giving up 2200 yards.
  • They've forced a mind-numbing 9 turnovers, while turning it over 21 times. Like Wazzu, they have 6 passing tds.
  • Closest conference game: 28-35 L to Stanford
  • Worse beating: USC (hmmm, wonder why the Trojan's D is so highly ranked?)




The Rules

  1. Everyone drinks the first time you see the Wazzu flag on Gameday
  2. If Corso/Herbstreit/Fowler mention this game: drink once. If they get through the preview without a snide comment, grin or smirk, drink twice.
  3. Asshole rule: If Corso says the phrase "Man, that's a/one bad-lookin' football team" pass one drink to the 'asshole'
  4. If any talking head or party-goer attempts to explain away UDub's incompetence by stating that things would be better with Jake Locker, drink
  5. If any talking head or party-goer makes a Tebow-Locker reference: drink twice (punch to the crotch is also acceptable).
  6. Three and out: drink twice
  7. Turnover: whole beer or two shots
  8. Badly over/underthrown pass: drink
  9. TFL: pass a drink
  10. Sack: drink twice, QB falls down: whole beer or two shots.
  11. Rushes over 7 yards, passes over 13 yards: drink twice
  12. Punt returns over 10 yards, or under 3: drink
  13. Kick returns: over 20, under 10: pass a drink
  14. Missed field goal, muffed punt: drink twice, pass two drinks
  15. Celebration rule: Any celebration (such as after a sack or hitting a field goal) earns EVERYONE a whole beer or two shots, ditto for personal foul penalties

* Wildcard: If Ty Willingham gets excited, for any reason, pass two beers/three shots


FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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