The Dennis Franchione Saga

So why is this year such a big deal? Isn't Alabama supposed to beat the crap outta everyone they face? Well, yes. But that's not always been the case.

In fact, this year represents a long long road out of the wilderness that began before the end of the millineum. The heart of the malaise can be traced to a man who has fallen so far as to be the front runner for the head coach of San Diego State University.

So how did we come from there to here? Well, our own Outside the Sidelines penned a heaping helping of the tale earlier this year on this here website. So, as we wait for the onset of the bowl season and the glories it entails, it might do us well to revisit the difficult days of the past and remember how long the road has been to this year's Sugar Bowl...


The Dennis Franchione Saga: Seedlings of Doom

In which one Mike Dubose takes over a vaunted football powerhouse and many alight along a primrose path.

The Dennis Franchione Saga: A Powerhouse Implodes

In which the affrontry of one Mike Dubose becomes revealed and much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues.

The Dennis Franchione Saga: Starting Anew

Whereupon one galliant knight undertakes a noble quest and hints of later knavery is unknown.

The Dennis Franchione Saga: Fran Rebuilds

Where our heroes quail as the forces of darkness enveloping the land but a steadfast man stands against them.

The Dennis Franchione Saga: Turmoil Arrives

How a low down dirty dog put his tail between his legs and slunk outta town.

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