50 Songs I Love: 50-48: Black Lips, TV On The Radio, Snoop Dogg

It's odd that Todd & I independently reached a conclusion to do a list of most anticipated football games of the year. He beat me to the punch though with making it a countdown. I was going to do a weekly breakdown starting about five weeks out from the season, so it's a no go now. Oh well, no worries. I will do my "games of the week" feature though in the fall.

To join in the countdown fun though, I'm going to offer up "50 Songs I Love" as a musical companion to the countdown to the beginning of another season of the greatest sport on earth. They will be all over the place genre-wise. Of course, they'll also be limited to what I can find on YouTube.

I suppose it isn't so much of a countdown as it is a list because they aren't ranked in any shape form or fashion. I'm also going to do my best not to repeat a band in the 50 songs that I post. I'm going to post the first three now and that will have me caught up on 50-48. Even though it's technically "today" I will post #47 for today later.

Hope y'all enjoy my big music geek out.

#50: BLACK LIPS - "Cold Hands" (album: Good Bad Not Evil): Hailing from Atlanta, the Black Lips put on one of the most fun live shows I've ever seen. They're great anywhere, but see them in Atlanta if you get the chance. The hometown crowds love them and they reciprocate the love. Don't wear anything you don't mind getting ruined if you see them in the ATL.

#49: TV ON THE RADIO - "Wolf Like Me" (album: Return to Cookie Mountain): It took a while for this record to grow on me, but I was in love with this song from the second I heard it. I tried seeing the live a few years ago, but the show sold out before I got tickets. Hopefully they'll release something new soon since Return to Cookie Mountain came out in 2006.

#48: Snoop Dog (featuring Pharell) - "Beautiful" (album: Paid That Cost to Be Da Bo$$): Before I say anything about the song, let me say this about the video: Your boss probably doesn't like you looking at videos of women in tiny bikinis at work, so watch this NSFW video at home. Now, onto the music. This one is probably a surprise inclusion to y'all, but these 50 songs will reveal sides of my musical personality that y'all probably didn't know about. I LOVE this song, plus we needed some summertime music on the countdown and this is one of my favorite summer songs of the 21st century. I also have a thing for soccer and Brazil, so that helps too (at least as far as the video is concerned.) I don't own the album (probably should though), but I can't get enough of this tune.

#47 coming later today...

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