Who Should and Who Shouldn't Be!

Has anyone noticed how many typically good college football programs are sucking it up lately? I sure have. Here's a list off the top of my head:






Notre Dame


Texas A&M

Just to name a few....

My question is why? None of these teams have been on probation over the last 10 years, all have had big name coaches prowling the side lines, all are in or near rich recruiting grounds, all have great fan bases and have the support of their respective universities. So whats the deal? These teams combined for an amazing 45-45 record last year. Thats .500 football coming from some of the most storied programs of all time. And 19 of those 45 wins came from Michigan and UT. Again, why? The fact is they have no excuse. Why are teams with absolutely no reason to be rebuilding, calling their current situation a rebuilding process? Just what exactly are you rebuilding from?

My friends down in FSU country are trying to say its bad recruiting and bad coaching. WHAT?!?! The state of Florida probably has the best high school athletes in the country and FSU has been consistently in the top 15 in recruiting for the last 20 years. And the best you can muster up is a 7-6 record last year! If i were an FSU fan i would be livid right now! I'd be calling for someones head and i wouldn't care if their name was Bowden. There is no excuse for FSU not at least going 9-3 or 10-2 every year! HELL they are in the ACC for crying out loud!

Same goes for Miami and Notre Dame. Whats your excuse? You have new coaches? So what! Ok Alabama has had 6 in ten years. New coaches or not you are still Notre Dame and Miami and 2 of the top 5 programs probably all time. With your schedule you should win 8 games a year on talent alone!

Tennessee your problem is the Fatty you have lumping around your sidelines. He needs to face the facts and admit the game has passed him by. I guess thats why you got dominated by Alabama last year and got trounced by UF two years in a row. Forget that you won the SEC East last year because that aint happenin for a long while.  But by all means keep the 24 hr donut killer. UT being terrible makes me smile.

Michigan somewhat gets a pass in my book. They are implementing a new offensive system but Myer did pretty well his first seaon at UF. Whats your excuse RR? Its damn sure not the conference you play in. Hell Vandy would go 9-3 this year in the Big Televen. Can't be recruiting. The upper mid west is very good recruiting grounds.And aren't you Michigan? Forget the pass. Get your shit together!

I guess what im trying to get at is if you sit back and look at the job Saban has done so far at Alabama, its just amazing. Unlike the teams mentioned above, Alabama has in fact been put on probation. TWICE!! We have had 6 different coaches in 10 years, we have had scandals and just like them, we have had horid recruiting classes. In only Sabans 2nd year, he has the Tide sitting at #8 in the polls and has us being revelant again in collage footbal! What did Charlie Wies do in his 2nd year at Notre Dame? Oh he went 3-9. How about Randy Shannon at Miami? Poised to go 7-4 or 8-5 at best. How about the great Bobby Bowden? Went 7-6 last year and it aint getting any better.

After everything Alabama has gone through over the last 10 years, we should be crumbling. Hell most teams would. But have we Faltered? Have we given up? Hell no! We stood up and now we are ready to fight. The Tide is coming and we are ready to Roll! Im not predicting a SEC championship or even a win this weekend but i am saying watch out! Because Saban has these boys believing and the fans are loving the Kool-aid!

God Bless and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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