JPW by the Numbers: 1st Half

I just finished watching the replay of the Georgia game, and thought I'd do another breakdown of JP's attempts.  These are just the first half numbers, and I neglected the second half for three reasons:

1. The vast majority of his attempts came in the first half.

2. I didn't really want to watch our less-than-stellar perfomance in the 3rd and 4th quarters again.

3. I'm still hung over.

Before I get to the numbers, I do want to bring up something unrelated.  Despite the fact that our biggest issues Saturday night came on special teams, I want to congratulate Leigh Tiffin.  Not sure what he was eating all week, but his kickoffs in the Georgia game were far and away his best of the year....and fortunately he had a lot of opportunities to do so.

So, with that in mind, here is the breakdown...remember, I'm charting each attempt, whether it "counted" as a pass or not, so my numbers will not match the official ones.

#1- 2nd and 8 on the UA 22.  JP is in the shotgun, and throws a completion to BJ Scott for 7 yards.

#2-2nd and 7 on the UA 35. Play action rollout to JP's right, and he hits Julio about 6 yards downfield, which he turns into a 13 yard gain.

#3-1st and 10 on the UA 48. JP is in the shotgun, and he hits Julio for another pass of roughly 12 yards.  Ball was thrown a bit behind him (maybe off by a foot or so), but it was an easy adjustment for Julio to make.

#4- 2nd and 6 on the UG 36.  JP throws a pass for Maze in the end zone, set up off of play action.  Very well thrown ball, and the GA defender has to draw an interference penalty to save the touchdown.

#5- 3rd and 12 from the UG 23. Screen pass to Coffee who takes it down to the UG 7 and fumbles. However, a roughing the passer penalty moves the ball to the UG11.

#6- 2nd and 7 at the UA 38. JP is in shotgun but gets pressured quickly from his right.  He make a great decision, pulling the ball down and running for 7 yards and a first down.

#7- 1st and 10 at the UA 45. Play action rollout to JP's right.  He can't find anyone open, so he chucks it out of bounds to avoid a sack.  One of the reasons he couldn't find anyone open is because McCoy draws a defensive holding call on a GA defender.

#8-2nd and 6 on the UG 41.  JP goes into a 3-step drop, and throws a strike to Nikita Stover for 14 yards between two defenders.  Also draws another roughing the passer penalty.

#9- 1st and 10 at the UG 36. Play action pass to Julio down around the UG 20, who turns and takes it all the way down to the UG 5.

#10- 1st and 10 at the UG 33. JP is in the shotgun, and throws a nice pass to McCoy coming across from the left.  Mike takes it down to the UG20.

#11- 3rd and 6 at the UG 17.  From the shotgun, JP throws an almost perfect pass to McCoy for a 10 yard completion.  He threw it before Mike made his break to the sideline, and the catch was made without having to break stride.

#12- 1st and goal at the UG 7. Incomplete pass to Julio in the end zone.  He tried to throw the fade, but the GA defender had great coverage. The nice thing was that it was thrown where only Julio could get it: no chance of an interception.

#13- 1st and 10 at the UA 36. 6 yard completion to Coffee as a dumpoff throw.  Nice job of reading the coverage and making a quick decision to get it to the back as a checkdown reciever.

#14- 2nd and 6 at the UG 37.  Great pass to Nick Walker for a 10 yard completion.  The ball was thrown between two defenders sitting in the zone, with not much margin for error, and the pass was extremely accurate.

#15- 2nd and 6 at the UG 21.  Just a magnificent pass to Julio for the 21 yard touchdown.  Perfectly....and I do mean perfectly....thrown over Julio's left shoulder, in the only spot the pass could have been complete.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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