BlogPoll Calling: Week Five Ballot Submitted

ed. - OTS, being the lawya law school type that he is, had not the time for a ballot again this week, so you're all just stuck with mine. Instead of doing two posts, here is the RBR Submitted Ballot and my reasonings.

1. Oklahoma +3
vs TCU - W 35-10

Most folks will tell you that the #1 and #2 spots in any poll are pretty interchangeable, so to avoid being a complete and total homer I'll give the Sooners the bump up to #1 after Florida and USC fall since they haven't looked like a team with any sort of letdown or lack of focus problems like our own beloved Tide.

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 3
2 Alabama 8
3 LSU --
4 Missouri 1
5 Texas 1
6 Texas Tech 1
7 Penn State 2
8 Florida 7
9 Connecticut 8
10 Georgia 2
11 Southern Cal 9
12 Utah --
13 Brigham Young 1
14 South Florida 1
15 Vanderbilt 1
16 Boise State 2
17 Kansas 2
18 Oregon 2
19 Oklahoma State 2
20 Ohio State 3
21 Wisconsin 10
22 Michigan State 4
23 Wake Forest 10
24 Auburn 1
25 Kentucky 1


Dropped Out: TCU (#22), Clemson (#24).

2. Alabama +8
at Georgia - W 41-30

Beating a solid Georgia team on the road is a huge win and when Alabama is playing it's best then there is no team in the country that looks better.  Thankfully when we aren't our best, we're still winning.

3. LSU
vs Mississippi State - W 34-24

Let the Bulldogs hang around, but was never in any real danger of losing.

4. Mizzou +1

5. Texas +1
vs Arkansas - W 52-10

Man, Arkansas is terrible.  Texas is looking very sharp as well, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Big 12 title game if they can get past OU.

6. Texas Tech +1

I'll admit it here and now, Texas Tech doesn't deserve to be this high (havn't beaten anyone yet), but at the same time they are a talented team (at least on offense) and haven't done anything to deserve to be dropped, so they continue to move up as those ahead of them fall.

7. Penn State +2
vs Illinois - W 38-24

Now that Wisconsin has entered the ranks of one loss teams, it looks like the Nittany Lions are the class of the Big Ten.  They have bad tendencies towards dropping games they should win against tOSU and Michigan, though, so who knows how long this will last.

8. Florida -7
vs Ole Miss - L 30-31

The Gators are another team that looks unstoppable when they are on, but when they aren't it's just ridiculous.

9. Connecticut +8
at Louisville - W 26-21

Way too high for the Huskies, I know, but they and South Florida are the lone undefeated teams in the Big East right now and one of them has to be in the top ten right?  Right?  Anyway, they've shown they can score points AND win the defensive battles (unlike last year when they could only win the defensive battles), plus I just want to rank them high 'cause I like them, so they get the nod.

10. Georgia -2
vs Alabama - L 30-41

I'm only dropping them two and leaving them in the top ten because they are still a great team loaded at the skill positions and showed a lot of heart fighting back in the second half.  Would not be surprised to still see them in Atlanta.

11. Southern Cal -9
at Oregon State - L 27-21


12. Utah
vs Weber State - W 37-21

Not happy about the close nature of a game against a 1AA opponent, so they remain at #12.

13. BYU +1

14. South Florida +1
at NC State - 41-10

Really should swap them with UConn, but it's a personal bias thing here.  At least I'm being honest...

15. Vanderbilt +1

16. Boise State +2

17. Kansas +2

18. Oregon +2
at Washington State - W 63-14

Got back to putting up ridiculous numbers and scores, so they move up.

19. Oklahoma State +3
vs Troy - W 55-24

The Cowboys haven't really beaten anyone, but the way their offense is working they are going to ruin someone's season.  Texas Tech lite.

20. Ohio State +3
vs Minnesota - W 34-21

I don't know what to make of the Buckeyes, really.  Beanie Wells is a great back, and Pryor is going to be a great QB, but when a team is as one dimensional as they are it's no wonder they fall apart when one cog goes down.  That's just no way to run a football team.

21. Wisconsin -10
at Michigan - L 27-25

I love that the Badgers are a no frills, pound the ball and play defense kind of team, but it just doesn't help them in tight games when they have to move the ball.  Letting the Wolverines come back from a 19-0 halftime deficit is just shameful.

22. Michigan State +3
at Indiana - W 42-29

Welcome back to the rankings Sparty, by which I mean Javon Ringer.

23. Wake Forest -10
vs Navy - L 17-24

Very disappointing performance from Skinner.  Tempted to drop them altogether.

24. Auburn +1
vs Tennesse - W 14-12

Crompton says "you're welcome."  The spread eagle is pathetic.

25. Kentucky +1
vs Western Kentucky - W 41-3

Mr. Irrelevant vote here.  They're undefeated, so why not?

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