ESPN360 and other stuff.

First of all, for all those who watched the game on ESPN360, did the second half pretty much not work at all for y'all too?  I got to the kickoff at the beginning of the third quarter and then it stopped and I'd have to keep resetting it.  Finally about 8-10 minutes left in the fourth I gave up trying and just listened to the radio.  I had it set up nice too.  Had the game being played through my projector and surround sound.  Oh well.  Hopefully next week they'll be showing the game on local television since I live close to WKU.


Does anybody know the status of Arenas.  I read some people saying on here that he's fine, but is that official?  It's hard for me to believe that he didn't come away from that without a concussion the way he was walking off the field.


Oh, and what happened to Marlon Davis?  If it was pre-game I must have missed it, and if it happened at the beginning of the game, then I missed that too. haha.  Stupid ESPN360...


I'm officially not worried about our freshmen having a bad week/stretch.  It seems to be everybody else that's having troubles.  They're doing great.  I thought Barron did a good job coming in for Arenas (at least I'm guessing that's who he came in for.  He was a step behind on one play, but other than that I think he did great from what I saw.  Especially since he probably didn't figure on playing that much.


I don't think Western will give us near as much trouble as Tulane did.  They've still got a bunch of D-1AA players on their roster.  So hopefully we can use that game to bounce back to where we need to be heading into SEC play.


Roll Tide!



And to the offensive lines' credit, 3 of the (I believe) 4 sacks were not the lines' fault according to Saban.  He said that I think two were because the running backs didn't block like they should have and the other one was one Wilson should have thrown to his hot route instead of taking the sack.  So the line wasn't as bad as we thought according to Saban.

I keep adding to this, but oh well.

Why is it that they moved Ross over and put Motley where Ross was last week?  It seems like it would have been better to only have one person playing a completely new position than to have it even more switched up than it was last week.  I suppose Saban knows best, but it just seems that having Motley being the only one playing a new position would make it easier on the line.

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