Who Would You Root For?

This is going to take some extreme effort for some of you but just bare with me. It is an off week…

 It’s a terrible thing to even think about but someone asked me today “If the University of Alabama didn’t exist, and there was never a Crimson Tide or Bear Bryant, what team would I pull for?”  At first I was like “Dude, even thinking such a thing is blasphemy” and then I chose to punch the guy square in the nuts… just because . Ok, I didn’t actually punch him in the nuts but trust me, I wanted to. After I returned to my desk I started thinking. Damn…Who would I root for?

The thought perplexed me. I mean honestly, I had never even allowed myself to think on such things. So to find the answer, I started by quickly making a list of the top 10 teams that in no uncertain terms would I ever cheer for…EVER!

    List made in order of level of hate…

1.       Tennessee

2.       Auburn

3.       Notre Dame

4.       All Pac- 10 teams

5.       FSU

6.       Michigan

7.       Florida

8.       Ohio State

9.       Miami

10.   All Mid Majors (cause the annoy the shit out of me)

Now that I had those out of the way, I made a list of teams that I could possibly root for and not feel like I needed to take 20 showers afterwards. Now I must say this, I’m not adding teams that have no chance to be competitive in football…aka…the Troys, UABs J, ULMs,  Vandys, Auburns, Baylors,  etc..If I’m gonna be a fan of a team, I at least want them to win a game here and there. I also eliminated teams due to their school colors. AKA North Carolina (baby blue PUKE), Okie State…well any team with ugly orange in know…the orange you can’t sit wit…

    List in no particular order…

1.       Ole Miss

2.       Texas

3.       Va Tech

4.       Miss State

5.       LSU

6.       Kentucky

7.       Penn State

8.       Ga Tech

9.       Oklahoma

10.   UGA


Taking a quick look at the list a few names jump into my top 5.

1.       UGA

2.       Ga Tech

3.       LSU

4.       Texas

5.       Kentucky

I have really no qualms with any of these 5 teams. Yeah I know, Ga Tech use to be in the SEC and one of our biggest rivals but that was way my time. I like the tradition they have and I like their current style of play. Texas is again another team that we had somewhat a friendly rivalry with but that was eons ago. I just like the fact that they dominate the State of Texas in every way. Same goes for LSU. Sure, they are a rival but I could see myself as a fan. (Only if they get rid of the hat) UK is a choice due to my Dad already being a huge fan and I remember watching 100’s of b-ball games with him as a child. The only problem with UK is they suck at football, so they are out.

UGA is also a fine choice and really the only logical one at that. They hate Auburn, UF and UT just as much as we do. They might not have “12 National Championships” but they have a great history. They are in a great area for weather and have a pretty damn cool mascot. I’m not a big fan of the red but it’s not that far from crimson. Also, Athens is a great college town full of good music and food.

All in all, if you made me choose…I’d have to go with the Bulldogs..

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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