Playoffs for College Football

I love tradition in sports, but also know that eventually the winds of change blow for all things.  With that in mind, why is college football the only major sport, at any level, that does not have a playoff?  Well, it can't be money and I'll explain.

Take the Top 8 teams from the polls (where there are discrepancies, the computer ranking wins out)....When was the last time (I've never seen it) where the No. 9 team had a legitimate beef about playing for the NC.

Let them play a standard playoff scenario:  1 vs 8;  2 vs 7, etc.

That's four initial games, one each for the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta.

Semifinals can be played at Dallas' new stadium and Yankee's new stadium (prestige for the kids)

NC game can rotate between the big 4 bowls.

All teams must start their season the last Sat in August.

Conferences without a championship game play 12 regular season games.

All other conferences play 11 regular season games.

All regular season and conf champ games to be completed by end of Nov.

First two rounds of playoffs to be completed before week of Christmas.

NC game to be played on January 1 each year the way IT SHOULD BE.

Enough crap talk about kids missing classes; this is more post-season money than currently being dealt out; and since this is not baseball or basketball, please no shout-outs for a 16 or 32 or 64 round tournament.  Like the TV show, 8 is Enough.  No one beyond eighth place EVER has a reason to complain.

This scenario is the only way I can see it being close to fair and equitable for everyone....That means as polls currently stand, TCU and Cincy would get their chance.  Lastly, all teams playing a 12 game schedule must have their final game on the weekend that all other conferences play their championship game (no bye luxury here).

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