Got Chart if You Want It: ESPN's "Name That QB" Graphic and the Steady Rise of Greg McElroy

As Bamagrad reminds us, ESPN put up a "who's that QB?" graphic during the game last night comparing McElroy and Tebow, so I thought I'd work one up here with the current game data from yesterday to see if the similarities still stand.

  McElroy Tebow
Comp 153 128
Att 254 198
Comp % 60.2% 64.6%
Yards 1913 1730
YPA 7.53 8.74
TD 13 12
INT 4 4
Rating 137.24 154.00

They were much more even in ESPN's graphic last night (which I'm assuming didn't take this weekend's games into account), but it's still an interesting comparison.  McElroy has more completions, attempts, yards, and TDs than Tebow, but Tebow is completing a higher percent of his throws and his completions are resulting in a better YPA average.  Tebow also has the edge in total yardage and TDs if you factor in his rushing (604 yards and 10 TDs to McElroy's 100 yards rushing and 1 TD), and considering the difference in the two offenses each runs it's not much of a surprise that McElroy has the bigger "quarterback" numbers.  To put it another way we're not necessarily comparing apples and oranges here, more like oranges and tangerines, but trying to compare the two's performances so far based on passing stats alone does a disservice to Tebow given the system he plays in.

And while I'm cranking out charts, check this one out:

Opponent Comp Att % Yards YPA TD INT Rating
Va. Tech 15 30 50 230 7.7 1 1 72.9
Arkansas 17 24 70.8 291 12.1 3 0 151.2
Kentucky 15 26 57.7 148 5.7 2 0 99.5
Ole Miss 15 34 44.1 147 4.3 0 0 56.9
South Carolina 10 20 50 92 4.6 0 2 23.3
Tennessee 18 29 62.1 120 4.1 0 0 71
LSU 19 34 55.9 276 8.1 2 1 89.8
Mississippi St. 13 18 72.2 192 10.7 2 0 143.8

Though he's had better games yardage and TD wise against BCS competition, last night was McElroy's best night as far as completion percentage goes and his second best game both relative to his QB rating and YPA average.  Has he finally turned the corner?  Time will tell, I suppose, but it's encouraging to the say the least.

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