The Weekly RBR...Meltdown?

Uhhhhh....I, uh, um, I don't even know what to say.  They are delusional down on the plains:

No post there, but I had to share this with the RBR faithful.  I give Auburn all the credit in the world, but to say that you are on an even keel with Bama after one game is ridiculous.  Although I no longer condone the actions of RBR posters on that dumbass website, I will say that this post by HarveybirdmanAL pretty much sums up my thoughts:

For 4 quarters the Auburn Defense dominated Mark Ingram and for about 10 min. in the 1st quarter Auburn dominated Alabama. After that 1st 10 min. however, Alabama outscored Auburn 26-7 and out gained Auburn 286-194. Auburn reached field goal range only twice in the game, during the drive for their 2nd touchdown and on the 2nd to last play of the game. Auburn had a perfect game plan for Alabama. The plan was based on the fact that Auburn had to come out and knock Alabama in the mouth and get up big early. The Tigers accomplished this. I think it’s worth noting. though, that Auburn had to do this along with the gimmicky plays because Chizik knows that his team is completely inferior to Alabama. There’s no way that Auburn could’ve lined up like men and played Alabama straight up. I will give Auburn credit where credit is due, the coaching staff and game preparation. Except for the late game Les Miles like clock management of Chris Todd and the coaching staff, the Auburn team did exactly what they needed to do to have any shot at beating Alabama. I know most of you will disagree with me, but I’m sure there are some Auburn fans out there that can have an honest, intelligent conversation about football.

Further, it seems that Auburn fans have become OK with almost winning.  They literally believe they are almost at our level as far as talent and coaching.  Yes, they came out swinging, but as has been pointed out, after we were able to rest our D and make adjustments, we dominated them save one play on a busted coverage (looking at you, Barron).  However, one game does not bring you back.  And, Aubies, excuse us for looking ahead to the SECCG - do you guys remember what that is?  Once we got our focus back, yeah, you were done. 

I don't want to take any of OTS thunder, but this is too easy - After the jump!  (damn, I feel powerful)

Alabama running back Mark Ingram knows that better than anyone. If there's one consolation for Auburn fans it's that Alabama will go another year without a Heisman Trophy winner. The television shot of Ingram being consoled on the bench by an Alabama trainer at the end of the game said it all.

Yeah, but Auburn was prepared ...

… to stop Ingram — trick plays or not.

Yes, you shut down Ingram.  Too bad you didn't shut down the rest of the team, or you might have won.

For Auburn the future appears bright. The Tigers bowl destination is anyone's guess. An amazing six SEC teams have identical 7-5 records. Don't pull Chizik into the discussion. He could care less. For him, it's all about next year.

That's what teams like UAB or Vanderbilt say.  Are you UAB or Vanderbilt?

I typically pull for Bama every game but one.....

but in this instance I have to say GO GATORS! I don’t live next to a bunch of obnoxious Gator fans. Ditto for Texas should Bama get past UF (which I doubt).

Harvey I'm am usually pulling for a Bama victory....

except when playing Bama. But due to the sheer obnoxiousness of the typical bammer that I have to encounter daily……I cannot root for Bama to win any championship of anykind. GO GATORS (and yes that does make me feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap)

Don't tell that lie!  You guys hate us as much as we hate you, don't pretend because of "Obnoxious Bammers" you are going to pull for Florida.  At least be up front with your hate, damn.



Said they got there ass kicked the whole game. Why can’t you fans admit it as well. The only reason y’all won is because y’all found our weakness which is neiko thorpe and you dominated the last series. Face it we dominated up until that drive. War Eagle!

WRONG!  Saban said we got our asses whipped, he didn't exclaim for the entire game.  So it is Neiko Thorpe's fault we dropped 26 on ya'll the final three quarters?  Nah, didn't think so. 

And correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t it saban that said he will make sure that his team is focus on each and every game and not on the game ahead? If thats the case then how could bama come in unprepared for this Auburn team or over looking this team in anyway. Especially for the Iron Bowl… Come On! I know its hard for you to admit, but Auburn isn’t LaMonroe, which just happens to be the last team that saban allowed his players to overlook.

They are 18-22 year old kids.  Keeping them focused week in and out is tough, no matter how much the staff tries.  At least for 12 games.  Listen, we are on the verge of possibly playing for the NC.  Have fun at the pizza bowl or in Shreveport getting your ass kicked by your ex-defensive coordinator.

hey dumbass

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t that touchdown by bama a “gimmick” play? Cody brought in as a decoy? You’re argument is infantile. The point of the sport is to line up and use skill and strategy to beat the other team. It is absolutely absurd to imply that auburn didn’t play bama straight up! So take your dumbass arguments elsewhere! Didn’t play tou straight up…..what kind of neurotic dipshit fo u have to be to argue that….damn…now my blood pressure is up

This one is just for shits and gigs.  No, an onside kick at the beginning of the game isn't a trick play.  Hell, even Del Greco said this morning they had to throw the sink at Bama with all the trickery in order to stay in it.

Hey, at least you guys are not Notre Dame. 

It amazes me when credit can’t or won’t be given where credit is due. Auburn pushed alabama to the brink. They did it by smacking you in the mouth. They exposed problems in your top-ranked defense that a much better team will exploit worse. Face it, Auburn is a long way off when it concerns the talent and depth behind MOST of our starters, yet alabama’s “stacked” team struggled to beat them. If it weren’t for that depth problem then our defense would probably have stopped that last drive much in the same fashion that they stopped the others(just like alabama claims that they would have stopped LSU even with the interception).

There are so many homeriffic statements in this incredibly innacurate Moral Victory speech I will just ignore it.


If I were an Auburn Man, I would be ashamed that the fans and coaches are so content with a Moral Victory.  Shows the difference between a program that wants to build dynasties, legends, and win championships versus a program that is obsessed with beating the other team in the state.  The fact that we came out flat in the first quarter shows that Auburn ain't shit to this team.  Keep on patting yourselves on the back, Aubies, but remember that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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