10 Reasons I Want To Beat Tebow


As I was leaving last year’s SECCG, while being pelted by sugar from UF fans, I told my friends, "I sure hope Tebow doesn’t go pro, we need one more shot at him." And, although I have at times been skeptical about Bama’s offensive ability, here we are with one last shot at Tebow. I sure want to send the so called greatest football player of all time out a loser. And, if you think about it Tebow has nothing to gain by beating Bama, everybody has already anointed him the most awesome person to every live. But, he has everything to lose. So here are my top 10 reasons I want to beat Tim Tebow.

1. He is arrogant. Everything he does is for the camera. If he were a humble guy he wouldn’t film going to a prison to preach or a mission trip, etc. In fact he wouldn’t his left hand know what his right hand is doing. I can promise you the real Tebow is stuck on himself. He draws attention to himself on the field and running this lap around the UF field every game etc. is way too much. Some would argue the media is stuck on him. But the truth is Tebow’s own actions have lead the media.

2. He is gay. I’m not saying he is homosexual, we have no evidence of that. I’m just saying so much of what he does is gay. He dresses gay, he posses for magazines showing off his awesome chest (with man boobs that look like they were steroid formed), he even talks like a sissy. Now this is my opinion, and I’m not trying to condemn homosexuals. In fact if Tebow were actually homosexual I could probably stomach him more. I’m just saying Tebow’s public persona makes me want to puke.

3. He is a great example of what is wrong with team sports. At UF it is all about Tebow and not the team. Last Sat. was senior day and you would have thought there was only one guy graduating. It was not a football game, it was a good bye Timmy party. I’m sort of surprised anyone blocks for him.

4. He carries a bouquet of flowers onto the football field. Who does that? I don’t get it and I don’t like it.

5. He cries when he loses. I would love to see him at a press conference after losing to Bama crying and apologizing for letting everyone down.

6. He get’s away with unsportsman like behavior for which others get penalized. At LSU Tebow taunts the crowd and nothing. JPW makes a brief gesture and it is a penalty. And, all his jumping around gets him nothing. In a way he makes a mockery of the rules and gets away with it.

7. He has a seriously weird and sick relationship with his coach. Most players really do love their coach. The coach is like your dad. But Tebow and Urban rub noses. You don’t rub noses with your dad. And Urban cries when Tebow, not his seniors, leaves. This is too weird.

8. He is not whom he appears to be spiritually. Alright, you are saying how do you know this? Fair enough. I do know some kids that knew Timmy before UF and some think the religious thing is a little over done. But, for nothing else think about his recruitment. Tebow lead Shula on. He lead him to think he had a chance. Shula never had a chance, never. Tebow, loved the attention, but how he treated Shula was unkind. A simple NO, could have made a difference in Bama’s recruiting class. I’ll take Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford’s spiritual life over Tebow any day. By the way I think Tebow’s shallow comments basically condoned Spikes attempt to gauge an eye. You can read it either way, but he sure didn’t condemn it.


9. He get’s more credit than he is due. This isn’t his fault. But the guy has been surrounded by a group of extremely talented future NFL players for his entire career on both sides of the ball. Yet, in the media it is all about what he did, not what the team did. If Tebow had played at MSU, you would have never given him a second thought.

10. He was home schooled. Ok, I know this is lame, but I really don’t like the concept or practice of home schooling. And, I really think if you are home schooled you should not be allowed to participate in school activities, including sports. I mean the whole point of high school sports is to play for YOUR SCHOOL. Tebow had no school, he was just playing for his own glory.

Well, we have one last shot at Florida and Tebow. Not saying we can beat Florida, because in spite of all the reasons I want to beat Tebow he is still tough to beat. But, oh if we pulled it off, it would be about the sweetest victory ever. And in one game Bama could change the legend of Tebow forever. And maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have to hear about him everyday until the bowls are over.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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