Debunking the Spin.....Bama vs Texas

ed.- bumped from the fanposts.

Now that the two teams who are playing for the national championship have been determined, the sportscasters are in full spin mode to make this game appear to be a great matchup.  Here's my take on why Alabama will win big.

First, I'll list the spin that the press is cranking out.  Next, I'll give my reasons why I believe its B.S.  S=spin, T=truth

S)  You can't judge the title game based upon the conference championship games.
T)  Why not? Bama dominated the #1 team with the #1 defense in the nation.  UF had a 22 game winning streak with "Superman" leading them.  Not only did Bama win, they beat the crap out of a team that was once considered "invincible".  Texas barely escaped against a Nebraska team with a good defense and no offense.  Alabama has a better defense than Nebraska, and although UT statistically has the best run defense, they haven't seen anything even close to the Tide's rushing attack combined with a potent passing game.  Texas' defensive front is very good, but their LBs and secondary are just a little bit "above average", but not spectacular.  You can bet that they'll try to stop the run, and if they do, McElroy will burn them with JJ, Maze, and Peek.  UT's D line is fast, but they're not big and physical, and when they start to wear down, #s 22,3, and 5 will start the track meet. 

S)  Colt McCoy is the best QB in the nation, and Bama's defense hasn't faced anyone like him.
T)  Bama's defense has made every "big shot" QB they've faced have the worst day of their career.  Ryan Mallet, Jevon Snead, and the mighty Tim Tebow were made "null and void" by the Tide defense, and McCoy is the next in line.  The Longhorn offensive line isn't that good, and they have no running game.  Suh became an instant heisman consideration all by himself when he tossed McCoy around like a rag doll.  I'll admit that Cody isn't a "sack artist", but he is such a dominating force in the middle that he basically gives Bama an "extra man" mismatch for the Tide defense.  Shipley will be covered like a blanket, McCoy will be hurried, and without a running game, UT will be one-dimensional and spending a lot of time on the sideline watching their defense get worn down.

S)  With over a month to prepare, Texas will be ready for Alabama.
T)  Nick Saban has over a month to prepare.  'Nuff said.

S)  Muschamp and Applewhite coached under Saban, and they know what to expect.
T)  Saban was their teacher, and they're going to get a lot more "schoolin' " in this game.

S)  Ingram winning the Heisman and Alabama hearing about how good they are in the press will go to their heads.
T)  This is what the press is trying to sell to hype up the game, and again it shows how little they know about this Alabama team.  They want that national title more than anything, and Saban's toughest job will be keeping a bunch of wild dogs on a leash before the game.  I'm sure Ingram and everyone else on the team has read about how he "didn't deserve the Heisman", and they're probably pretty pissed off about it, which will give them even more motivation. 

S)  Texas enjoys being the underdog, and they are using that as motivation to prove everyone wrong.
T)  Texas is the underdog because they haven't played anyone who is even close to a team like Bama.  Honestly, they're probably not even as good as TCU, and they're definitely not as good as Florida.

S)  This will be a close defensive struggle.
T)  No it won't.  The only "defensive struggle" will be be the Texas defense struggling to suck wind from being on the field all night with their offense watching from the bench.

S)  McCoy has won more games than any quarterback.
T)  McElroy has never lost a game.....EVER.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.


FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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