Many of you have seen Nightmare on Elm Street, well I believe I may have just lived a similar experience that would aptly be called "Nightmare at the SEC Tournament". 

The night started off well as a friend (Georgia Bulldog grad) and I went down to the St. Pete Times Forum.  Within 5 minutes of leaving the parking garage, we scored center court tix 8 rows up for face value (Sweet right?)  Well, as soon as we walked in... the nightmare began.  It was a sea of orange!  The greatest sunglasses in the world could not stop the perpetual burning of my eyes.  I guess I should have known with the likes of Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida fans running amuck.  It was easliy one of the worst visuals that one could imagine. 

I had to blindly find the way to my seat.  As soon as I sat down I was overwhelmed by the strange smell of cow patties, hair gel, and corndogs.  I knew then that I was surrounded by Barners to the rear, Gators to the side, and LSU Tigers in front.  I thought "Ok, this is gonna be interesting" 

 I almost wish that my vision hadn't returned as I had to bear witness to the worst performance from a team bearing the name "ALABAMA" across the front of the jersey that I may have ever seen.  I dont care if we're not as talented or if another team "just has our number", but save for Alonzo Gee and Brock, not one player seemed as if they even cared.   If we're going to lose, then OK...we lose, but at least make an effort and show some vigor.  Lack of discipline and apathy were the feelings portrayed by our team.  I was hoping that maybe I was the only one noticing it, but even my Georgia buddy mentioned, "Bama seems like they could care less about even playing".  Sadly, I had to agree.  Meanwhile, obnoxious UT, LSU, and Auburn fans were badmouthing Bama the whole time.  (The Gator fans were too busy discussing hair products to even care).

Also disturbing, I only saw maybe 15-20 Alabama fans in the whole building.  I was one of few donning the Crimson.  In fact,  there were more Kentucky fans in line at any given concession stand than there were Bama fans in the whole building; and they had already been eliminated. 

After the lackadaisical effort and blowout loss there was one shining glimmer of pride.  There was a kid no older than maybe 10 in the mens restroom with a mixture of SEC fans making up the crowd.  He was also proudly donning the Crimson and he was calling out to all the other Bama fans individually..."Hey man!  Roll Tide!....Hey Man...Roll Tide!  It's alright...we'll be back!    I couldn't help but smile with pride at the pride this kid showed.  If only our team had the passion he had! 

Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight without these visions haunting!






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