Bama's fate lies with Kentucky...

Not sure if you noticed but a lot happened in the world of basketball last night.

1. Missouri took it to Memphis last night in the sweet 16 winning 102-91. Now im no genius but i just dont see Anderson leaving Mizzou for Bama. He's buidling one heck of a program and has a damn good team this year. Depending on who wins the UL/ Arizona game...Mizzou could very well end up in the Championship game. Again i could be wrong but i just don't any reason (besides money) he would leave all that he's gained to rebuild a Bama team he has virtually no ties too...and sorry UAB doesn't really count...

2. If you want to see a fanbase that is passionate as ours ....just go over to Sea of Blue and take a look at all the rumors flying around about UK's basketball coach. Going over there gives me flashbacks to the days surrounding the firing of Mike Shula and the hiring of CNS. Reports from a well known UK radio show are that he has been fired.....UK AD denys these reports. ESPN has said that there will be a press conference today to announce their decision. How does this effect us? Well....

3. IF UK does in fact fire Gillespie (spelling?) today there is more than a strong chance that UK will go heavily after Billy Donovan at UF. If they get him, UF will hire Grant. NO questions asked.....

If im right about Anderson and everything in #3 happens...i have no clue who we go after....perhaps we hire Gillespie....which to me would be a great hire. He's gotten a bad rap to me and would be a great pick up for us.

Andy Katz reported that Grant was given 5 days by UA to give an answer to the offer of over 2 million a year....we are now on day two if you don't count Wedneday....needless to say...if you are at all interested in the hire of our next basketball need to be paying close attention to what UK does..


p.s. there is also a chance the UK will just hire Grant. This is pure speculation on my part but it wouldn't shock me if it does happen...


heres some links

there are a lot more than that but these are the only ones with viable information and not rumors..

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