Comparisons: Rick Ross vs. Andre Smith

Hello, Bleacher Report. I will be starting a very new series called Comparisons. You've seen Big Sports News, The Talk, and Does Anyone Remember.

There was a similar article like this one. Don't you remember me comparing Terrell Owens and Soulja Boy? It's kind of like this but that one was just something else.

Now you are going to see Comparisons. I just compare two people, and at least one has to be involved with sports somehow, or else it wouldn't be on this site. They both have this one thing that is similar or I just compare them for no reason.

I think you might know what the similarity is between Rick Ross and Andre Smith in this picture. But, hey, that's good!

Well let's start. I think we all know what it is: their bodies. I really don't want to make fun of them at all, but at least it isn't worse as some unlucky ones. Okay now, let's get to it.

Let's start with Rick Ross....

Rick Ross

This guy is an okay rapper. I listen to rap, a lot! And Rick Ross just ( do I say it?) stinks in his new songs. Now he is bringing all of 50 Cent's, by the way is my favorite rapper, foes to make a diss song. Why do you want to do that?

And the song literally is horrible! And anyways, 50 dissed you badly! He also responded to his track. 50 has dissed all of his foes and they try all together to diss him! Can't do it. He's too good. But besides talking about the rap music and disses because this a SPORTS ARTICLE, let's get to my point.

I never liked Rick Ross, and nor will I EVER! Especially when you do this! Blech!

Okay, now that that is out of the way, Rick Ross and Andre Smith have ugly bodies. I first saw Rick Ross' in the music video for The Boss featuring T-Pain. It showed Rick Ross with his shirt off and you can see those so-called "jelly rolls" on his belly.


I really don't like seeing those. He had like one or two of them. It showed with his shirt off like twice! It was truly a disgusting thing to see.

And in the comments, the people said it was disgusting. They were like, "Why would you want to show your body? You are disgusting!" But you think Ross would listen? Heck no! He did it again and showed the whole world.

I mean, come on! Don't hang out. Hang in! Work out! That's all I have to say. But now that you have started your own group of " fatties," then I guess you won't be having your fruits and vegetables for a long time!

So just please stop!

Who's turn is it now? Oh right!

Andre Smith

Now this guy just scared me. When I was watching NFL Network, and it showed his Pro Day, it was just "unimpressive" as the scouts say. And also, why would you run with your shirt off?

You can tell he didn't look happy on camera with his shirt off. He also lost seven pounds. He first weighed in at 332 pounds and then on his Pro Day, he went down to 325 pounds. He said it was the lowest weight he has had in three years!

Now I really, and never, wanted make fun of this guy. Scouts have said that he has an ugly body. Now I can believe that. But when he was running with his shirt off, and his fat was just jiggling around town, it just busted his draft ranking. But not really. I say that he is going to the Bills.

Now it doesn't really matter if this guy is big. There are a lot of the offensive lineman in the NFL that are just huge. Take a look at the NFL draft bust, Mike Williams. He was 360 pounds! Now I don't want to see his body but here's a sneak peek. Now if he had his shirt off, which is disgusting and sort of strange to see, you'll think it is much worse than Smith's.

Now a lot of football players have that "gut" sticking out. It has been well over a month since Smith's sad Pro Day. But really, this guy probably has improved his shape. I don't want to make fun of him that much. The money he makes in a year is probably the money an average human makes in a lifetime!

This guy has huge potential and I see him as a Hall-of-Famer. I never want to bash this guy, but I would love to bash Rick Ross.

Now if you want to see a fat football player, there are no worries. People have faced the crowd. And this guy was brave enough to show it. He swallowed his quarterback and linebacker.


Well now that I compared the guys, which is worse and which is better? I say Rick Ross is worse and Andre Smith is better.


Well Andre Smith is a football player. This guy could get into to shape easily. You don't have to have to be big and buff and be a dominant offensive lineman. The only six-pack lineman I've seen is Tony Mandraich, and we all know what has happened to him! He also took steroids by the way.

And Rick Ross can never lose weight if he tried. If he were to be a football player, which is impossible for him to be, I'd say it would be a tie. But Andre Smith could improve. This guy has potential and I'd like to see how he does.

I voted for Andre Smith with the better. Rick Ross for the worse. Agree? Disagree? YOU DECIDE! Comment below and see what you think!

This is a humor article, yes! Hope these guys won't sue me. Well I know Rick Ross will but Andre Smith will be questionable. Well I hope I'm NOT screwed!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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