Auburn Spring Game Scout Attack.

Can't get out of Mississippi this weekend so I'm missing the A-Day--and I might as well scout out the enemy.  Big day on CSS in Jackson--Auburn right now, Ole Miss in a few hours, State after that.

First off, for those of you in Bryant-Denny (the Holy Land, my friends)--Jordan-Hare is EMPTY.  It's glutted at the 50, but no more than a good high school or C-USA game, with the end zones completely empty.  

There is some speed--Tate just ran in a touchdown, with a bit of explosive power.  

I'm more interested in what Kodi Burns does today.  He's a scrambler--and I'm hoping the boys really are pushing the pass-rush this year.  Don't want him to get out from under us.

Just realized there may not be much to watch during a Spring game. I'll clock in if anything of note happens.  

UPDATE 1:18:  Tate just got his second touchdown, after a great reception by Fannin (with his helmet knocked off!) to set up the six.  For right now, the scheme is Burns-Tate.

Sidelines note that Malzahn has the line on a 5,000 calorie diet!  Sounds like a lot of Nutty Bars, guys.  

Goggans is blowin' through the second-O line and getting the touch sack.  Back to back sacks on the 2nd O.

UPDATE 1:28:  Terrell Zachary blows down the field on a 70-yard reverse.

UPDATE 1:35:  WR Coach Trooper Taylor has been trying to fire up his receivers (most of whom are out today) by telling them that the're "not respected by the other teams."  Haw haw!

UPDATE 1:39:  Don't ever buy a Tiffin Motorhome, "official sponsor of Auburn Athletics."  They've got Big Al getting pulled over in a vintage Pontiac GTO, by a state trooper filling out a traffic ticket with a "Tigers" pen.  Points: Al in a souped-up GTO.  Negatives:  bite me.

UPDATE 1:42:  At the half, Quentin Groves is talking about the NFL and getting to play with folks like Peyton Manning, and declaring that Auburn "made the right decision hiring Coach Tuberville, and they made the right decision hiring Coach Chizik."  Nice equivocation.  Too bad Iowa State ain't Ole Miss.  

Third Cochran Law Firm commerical this half--I hope they got a discount.  Pretty good commercials, but it always weirds me out, since their namesake died in 2005.  

UPDATE 1:54: Um, Chizik changed shirts?  

I was hoping I'd get a clue as to what Auburn would be looking like for the fall, but I'm not seeing anything particularly insightful, nor really anything that marks a huge change from last year.  There's probably a lot of folks more sensitive to formation that might notice things I'm not--and maybe in the Spring Game you don't get much more than vanilla, but this is not even Blue Bell, it's so standard. 

HA! The announcer said, "we need to run this type of play, because, you know, we don't have a Julio Jones--" Fantastic. Yikes. Freshman Onterio McCalebb just blew through the line and showed some heavy speed. He's a little guy--5' 10" and just 165--but a freshman, out of Fort Meade, Florida. ALSO: MAY GOD PUNISH ESPN, WHO IS STILL SHOWING THE WORTHLESS CHICAGO-BOSTON BASKETBALL GAME AO87UAOSIHDFLAIHSEFO IA2WY46R98WYROAR DAMN THEIR EYES

UPDATE:  2:09:  ESPN continues to ruin my life, and Kodi Burns--while scooting out of a busted play--continues to show good footwork and speed.  I haven't laid out the score yet, because who cares, it's a scrimmage--but the first team is killing the second, 43-22, although the one pass-for-touchdown was from the second team.

UPDATE:  2:23:  The Bama game is bumped from ESPN due to some sort of "basket-balls" game, which makes me want to cry.  Troy notes that Auburn is sucking it up--and really, the numbers are showing that Johnny Second Tier (i.e, Neil Caudle) is beating out Kodi Burns.  Track 'Em Tigers is murmuring that the Barners are favoring Caudle already.

UPDATE:  2:31:  Game's over, first team won--and ESPN is still showing the Bulls & Celtics.  I'm going to cry.  

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