The Best College Football Coaching Job in America... according to TET

The biggest bafoon in SBN history has a nice little write-up on what he thinks is the best college football job in the country. Here are his criteria:

"I took into account tradition, weather, recruiting base, facilities, conference and budget."

"I did not factor in the competency of those who the coaches work for - athletic directors, school presidents and boards of trustees. "

Well that's good Jay, because if you did, Auburn would have its own special ranking, wouldn't it?


Well now to the results:


1.      Florida - Like it or not, this SEC foe has everything going for them. Their facilities are unmatched across the country and with an annual athletic department budget of $83 million the Gators have the resources to keep them state-of-the-art. The 2009 Rivals 100 list of top recruits contained 19 players that hail from the state of Florida - more than any other state. Urban Meyer's staff signed five of those athletes. It's still hard to believe Florida didn't win its first conference title until 1991.

2.      Texas - The Longhorns are one of the few schools that can pick its players rather than having to recruit them. Austin, Texas may be the best college town in America. The Texas tradition is among the top five. What is there not to like? With an annual budget of $101 million, Mack Brown has little trouble keeping up with the Joneses. The state of Texas placed 12 athletes in this year's Rivals 100 and the Longhorns signed six of them. It's hard to blame Will Muschamp for staying put in Austin.

3.      Southern Cal - Did USC make Pete Carroll or was it the other way around? I think it's safe to say that it's a little of both. With no NFL franchise in Los Angeles, the Trojans are the toast of the town. The weather is great 12 months out of the year and California is only rivaled by Florida and Texas for the most high school talent. This year's Rival 100 has 11 players from California and USC signed eight of them.

4.      Notre Dame - Sure this is not your grandfather's Notre Dame, but don't underestimate the Irish. With the largest subway alumni base in the country and a major network to carry its games, Notre Dame is still among the plum jobs in college football. There is no tradition short of the New York Yankees that rival the Irish. With no conference to share television rights and bowl money, Notre Dame takes a back seat to no one in terms of revenue. The state of Indiana had no players on the Rivals 100 list, but when you are Notre Dame this is not a problem.

5.      LSU - This probably comes as a shock to some of you. When I started my research, the Bayou Bengals were not on my radar. But the more you research the program the more you realize that Baton Rouge has a lot going for it. For starters, Louisiana consistently turns outs a decent crop of high school recruits despite its relatively small size. Bordering Texas and a stones throw from Alabama, LSU regularly crosses the border for talent. Surprisingly, Louisiana had five players among the Rivals 100. The Tigers signed six on the list, including two from the state of Texas. With great tradition and an annual budget of $76 million, LSU has things rocking in Bayou Country.


Ok, right off the bat I agree with UF and Texas as they certainly fit his criteria on every level but Notre Dame? They have NO recruiting base and that job hasn't been relevant in over a decade. And earth to Jay: NOTRE DAME HAS NO CONFERENCE! And USC is a great job NOW but before Carrol, it certainly wasn't a highly regarded job. And excuse me Jay, but I thought conference was part of your criteria? The PAC10 Jay? Really? Seems to me you went out of your way to write up this pointless post just to drum up responses like "OMG you didn't put up bammer!!?" I can't exactly say much about LSU as they have won 2 BCS National Championships and they have an outstanding recruiting base. But it gets better...

"How does Auburn compare? Not too shabby. Jordan-Hare Stadium recently underwent several upgrades in recent years, including a new locker room, weight room and construction of a state-of-the-art academic facility. Despite having only four players on the Rivals 100 list this year from Alabama, Auburn is blessed with its proximity to Georgia and Florida, regularly going out of state for blue chip athletes."


Jay, you are a disgrace to all people with eyes who are forced to be subjected to your Candy Land Micky Mouse BS "writing." You are the biggest fanboy I have ever seen to the point that it makes me sick to my stomach to look at your goofy face in your avatar. I know you sleep every night on a bed with Auburn Tiger sheets, pillow cases and clinging ever so tightly to your stuffed Aubie with a thumb in your mouth. The fact that you get a pay check for what you do is the biggest indictment of free market economics ever.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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