Gene Chizik: Hard Worker or Big Phony?

ed. - clone chronicles weighs in.


I've heard much discussion on the Limo news last week. Many people thought it was cheesy (myself included). Others thought although it was cheesy but perhaps showed how hard Chizik is working on the recruiting trail.

My question is what "work"? To the best of my knowledge, it was assistant coaches in the limos going around the state, NOT Chizik. How hard is it to hop in some limos (Stretch Hummer Limos at That!) and send the assistants out there?

Have you EVER met someone who rode in a limo and complained? Have you ever met someone who rode in a limo to work that you felt sorry for? Hell no! Limos are bomb! If riding in a Limo is hard work, then I'll GLADLY take 6 figures to roll around in one all day!

Is it just me, but wouldn't it seem to go a longer way with recruits if Chizik would've just gotten in his car, looked the recruit in the eye, and said that he wanted him to join his program?

I then realize that this tactic simply won't work. This is a man who told his players  a week before leaving ISU that "there's nowhere he'd rather be than with this group right now".  He told the fans and the media that "he's firmly entrenched in Ames" only to leave about a month later.

Has Chizik finally realized that his word is meaningless? I mean, if he doesn't  to talk to the recruit, then there's no way to let them down. Right?

In some ways, I am glad Chizik has learned to recruit in the state. When he signed at ISU, he said recruiting Iowa was his #1 priority.  Although Iowa isn't a hot bed for recruiting, someone with the credentials of Chizik should be able to sign the top recruits in the state right?


Out of the three or four 4 star players in the state during his tenure, he didn't even attempt to make an offer to these prospects. He had almost no relationship with the Iowa High School Coaches, and many of them complained about this behind closed doors.

If you're a 'Bama fan, you can't be worried by this latest PR stunt. This is a guy who took ISU's mediocre recruiting of the past and actually made it worse (isn't he supposed to be a touted recruiter?). Chizik's recruiting classes at ISU for 2007,2008, and 2009 were 60th, 62nd, and 78th.  The previous 3 years' rankings were 42nd, 58th, and 63rd. 

My advice to all Alabama High School Players:

If you're a high school prospect and Chizik talks to you, just realize that he's probably lying. If he shows up in a limo, realize YOU won't be riding in it. All Chizik cares about is using you to earn his $2 mil a year, and you're better off going somewhere else.

My advice to the pumped up Auburn fan:

"War Eagle" must be like hitting the G spot for Auburn fans. I mean, I thought Auburn fans were unhappy about the Chizik hire, but then a few "War Eagle"s and a couple more limos later, everyone is happy. Just realize that saying "War Eagle" isn't going to teach your QB how to throw the football. Unless, you actually sign a QB who's last name is "War Eagle"... Then I'd buy it.

On the surface it's easy to say he's a "hard worker" but when you look closely you realize he's just a phony.It took us ISU fans 2 years to realize this, and I hope for your sake it doesn't take as long.

But then again, if you're pumped about Chizik, I'm firmly entrenched in my belief that you'll get what you deserve this upcoming fall.

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