Finebaum article today regarding Tubs and the rumours flying around

Take it for what it's worth.  Odd for Finebaum to call out Tubby like that.

(emphasis mine)

To date, there hasn't been a single allegation publicly made, but it hasn't stopped a barrage of charges to surface all over the Internet and in the mailboxes of major media members throughout the state.

It's gotten so widespread that Alabama officials -- who never comment on allegations -- say they have personally looked into the charges and have found no wrongdoing.

The officials won't tell us specifically what they investigated. Just that they didn't find anything wherever they looked.

In the wake of this war between the two fan bases, the question must be asked: Who started the fire? Did Auburn fans simply come up with these allegations? Or did someone higher up start making allegations privately, thus tangentially encouraging fans to start spreading the word on Saban?

Well, there is simple answer to that complex question.

Tommy Tuberville.

Within weeks of Saban's arrival, Tuberville was making claims the new Alabama coach was breaking rules of every kind. He told this to his staff, certain media members and boosters. He repeated the allegations early and often.

Interestingly, Saban and Tuberville, according to people close to both, were supposedly friendly. They were known to call one another on occasion if a question arose on the recruiting front. Apparently, that wasn't enough to satisfy Tuberville, who had become careless in his rumor mongering.



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