Tide Letter-men

Consider this a follow-up to the fanshot created a couple of days ago by Alabama ManDance...and the final piece of evidence for the case that I have way too much time on my hands and need serious psychological help.  Anyhoo, that fanshot spurred me to dig through my own humble archives and put together an alphabetical listing of awesome names from former Tide players.  Partly based on my earlier response to AMD's fanshot, I included no All-American candidates in this list...although some pretty awesome players do appear.  If you're not into trivia, and you're still reading, feel free to run now.  Otherwise, the list starts after the jump, yo.

A is for Huriescsco Austill, but I'll never know if I mispelled his name.

B is for Young Boozer, who, hopefully, did not turn into an old boozer.

C is for Julius Clorfeline from Anotpol, that's a recruiting effort.

D is for Bryne Diehl.  For a punter, he sure could tackle.

E is for Dante Ellington and Alonzo Ephraim, who played together on the why separate them now?

F is for...does anybody know Howie Fell?

G is for Coma Garrett, Jr.  Not only was there a guy named Coma, but he passed it on to his kid.

H is for Hamid Haqq, whose last name sounds like something you do with a lugey.

I is for Hyrle Ivy, which I did once after tripping and eating off the walls of the Gorgas House.

J is for Dameian Jeffries, whose jersey number was 666.

K is for Skip Kubelius, which I almost did for Kevin Komisar (Ja!) or Canary and Ezekiel Knight.

L is for Carney Laslie, who sold me cotton candy by the ferris wheel.

M is for Marlin Mooneyham, 'cause let's face it...he's taken enough crap for that name already.

N is for Augustus Young Noojin, who ruled the world with Cat Scratch Fever.

O is for Jack O'Rear, which sounds dirty, but isn't (hopefully).

P is for Manchester Paget, the Texan whose family must have come from France.

Q is for Cecil Van Quick.  Thank goodness he has a cool name, 'cause he's the only 'Q' player we had.

R is for Saleem Rasheed, who should have stayed at the Capstone for the 2002 season to 'win' the SEC.

S is for Toxey Sewell...or Toxic Sewer?  I'm not sure.

T is for Thad Turnipseed.  You'd never guess that guy was from the South, huh?

U is for Woody Umphrey, 'cause Mike Upton was just a manager (sorry, Mike).

V is for Christ Vagotis, who must have heard that from Coach Bryant a lot (Christ, Vagotis, you block like a girl!).

W is for Granison Wagstaff, who played in the 90s, but whose name is from the 1890s.

X is for...the next guy who plays for Bama with a last name starting with X.  He'll be the first.

Y is for Sid Youngleman, whose name is the geographical antipode for Thad Turnipseed's.

Z is for Andrew Zow, 'cause he provided so many 'zow!' moments as a QB (apologies to Mike Zuga).

Whew.  That's the end.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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