Get ready to watch the Tide offense roll...That's right I said offense!

Will someone please tell me why Alabama’s offense is being questioned and not feared! On the other hand maybe it’s better this way!


Even Rolando McClain fed the media some ‘bits" to chew on. During SEC Media Days on Thursday when McClain was asked who has stood out amongst the young guys this summer during voluntary workouts, and this was his response. "A.J. McCarron," McClain said emphatically. "That guy has a great arm, a great release, and he goes through his reads pretty good, also. Everybody is working hard, but his arm has stood out to me a lot. The way he can throw the ball deep ... He's good."


They then asked him how McElroy looked this summer and this was his response. "Great, it's hard not to be good when you've got great receivers to throw the ball to. Julio Jones don't hurt, you know?" McClain said smiling. "It's hard for us (defensively) because he has so many weapons."


Everyone expects Julio Jones to do well, and even Mark Ingram. But they have concerns regarding our offensive line and people to help relieve some of the pressure off of Jones. What’s surprising to me is that the so called "experts" say our OL will be a big question mark this season while Coach Saban has been quoted as saying, "I've never had a team with this much depth on the offensive line," he said, "and it's going to be solid for a few years."


While Coach Pendry added this, "I hope every team we play is just like everybody in the press who thinks this offensive line could be a liability," said Pendry this spring. "I hope they underestimate us real bad."


For more on our offensive line click here for a great read!


Help for Julio has arrived! He’s actually been there since last year and most who didn’t know him before the A-Day game this year, did afterwards! His name is Marquis Maze and he’s arguably one of the fastest WR in the SEC! He’s a big time playmaker who didn’t see a lot of action last year for various reasons but a big one was his maturity level and mental toughness. He’s made vast improvements in both of those areas since last year and will be a major contributor to this year’s team. I believe by years end Maze will be considered one of the top playmakers in all of college football! I know I’m biased and maybe that’s what it is, but I know he has the potential and I believe the coaching staff is going to utilize it!


Last but not least are the questions concerning our QB situation. Even with McClain’s comment (which I think he was holding back a little) we should not forget that this is the same kid that in High School did not start until his Senior year because the starter was always another kid by the name of Chase Daniel. During that Senior campaign he not only went 16-0 while throwing for 4,646 yards and 56 touchdowns, he also earned Texas 5A Player of the Year. He’s now been learning and growing under Coach Saban and company for the last 2 years and was recruited by a guy who may not be a good head coach but knows a thing or two about quarterbacks in Mike Shula. Think what you want but we’ll be ok with this kid at QB!


With playmakers all over the field (Ingram, Jones, Maze, Richardson, McCoy, and on and on), I have no doubt this will be one of the best offenses Alabama has put on the field in quite some time. Mix all this in with what could be the best defense in the country and I think we might just be on to something here…until next time Roll Tide!

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