A Happier Saban?

Maybe I'm the only one but has anyone else noticed a more pleasant CNS so far this preseason? After reading some of the quotes I have seen so far this preseason, it seems as if the coach actually seems happy. Im so used to hearing him gripe about players not performing or not doing things right. Its just weird to hear him praise the players so often...even the young guys.

I guess one explanation could be that the players have bought into the system..And that he's not having to "get on" kids to motivate them. Another one could be that the players are just....performing..

Just look at some of these quotes...



When you have young players and you know they have a lot of ability, you really want them to go out there and do well," Saban said. "Several guys were able to do that today and other guys had a little more anxiety, and that probably affected their ability to go out there and play as well as they are capable of."

From Gentry Estes:

Ever the mental motivator, Alabama coach Nick Saban prepared his freshmen for a first collegiate scrimmage with one sheet on paper.

On opposite sides he wrote the words "mistake" and "lesson," then tore the paper in half, crumpling and tossing aside the piece that said "mistake."

"This is the only thing that has any value - is the lesson," Saban told players. "It's what you learn and how you grow."


"Greg McElroy really showed poise, did a nice job out there and moved the team effectively," Saban said. "For the most part, Greg really did a really good job in the red zone, moved the field, all those types of things. I was really pleased with him."

On the young QB AJ McCaron

"But AJ's a younger guy and he's playing with younger players," Saban said. "So it's probably a little more difficult for him to be able to execute because of the players he's playing with and against in terms of developing timing."

AJ McCarron has showed some potential as a young quarterback. If we would have played him with the best receivers we have, he probably would have had a better chance to show some efficiency and effectiveness."


"We will evaluate the film and I think some of the (freshmen) will play a lot better next week than they did this week," Saban said. "And I think we will probably put them in better positions to play better next week than they did this week.

Trent Richardson is really a good running back, but he didn't really play with the first team today. I'm sure if he did, he would have played better.

On the O-line

"I was pleased with the way the first offense moved the ball," he said. "We didn't do as good a job on third down. We did a good job in the red area. We did a good job on the goal line.

"So I was pleased in most situations with what we did offensively. The offensive line certainly contributes to a large degree to that success.


Again, maybe im crazy but i have not read anything so far from Saban that seems...angry or maybe better put..annoyed. I could be wrong but I haven't heard of any one player being in Saban's "dog house" or anything like that.  Im thinking this is a good sign...but it still wierds me out a little.

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