As horrific a start to the season as possible

And while that could describe the Punt Wedge-Redux in the Carolinas, that's not exactly what I was referencing.

Ok, perhaps a Big Ten squad almost losing to a bottom feeding 1-AA? Did I mention Indiana was shut out in the entire second half? That they had one FG over the final three frames?

How about the BSU Cards? The same team that was 12-0 in the regular season last year, got dominated, at home, by what is generally regarded as one of the 5 worst teams in major college football?

How about the egg that Troy laid...losing by double digits to a middle-of-the-pack MAC team? Remember the banter of this week, about Troy staying with 25 of Florida? Ummm...who needs a second mortgage with a line of 23.5 for the Gators?

How about Temple? So close to turning it around the last two seasons, then, Alas!, Temple as we know it returns, as they give up 24 points in the second stanza, and blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead, at home, to lose to a cross-town 1-AA team?

While all of those were undoubtedly ghastly, the true black eye of the night belongs to the Oregon Ducks. As predicted, the Ducks got ran out of the building in a game that was not even close. For all of the hullabaloo about the physicality of OU, the only time they showed any fight, any pluck, or anything resembling toughness, was with the most appalling sucker punch this side of FIU-Miami.

This is what ffirst class jackasses do in defeat: They ruin the moment that rightfully belongs to those who earned it. They denigrate the victors, then, bedecked in 12 pounds of modern armor, they physically go after the fans of the city who hosted them. They issue the most banal sort of half-assed apology for reprehensible behavior. And, as terrible as all of that was, it STILL wasn't the worst part of the night: as bad as Blount's behavior, as terrible as Oregon's offense, as outmanned as their defense, as anemic as their gameplan and adjustments, the worst thing said this night was from new head man, Chip Kelley:

"We'll review the tape and take appropriate action...we have to learn to play with emotion, and not let emotion play with us...That's not the way we play football."

I'll let you tease apart the dreadful logic and/or factual errors in that. Suffice it to say, that the game was over. Some of the losers were walking to the locker room, while others were giving their congrats to the victors. Yet others were being graceless in defeat, and taking the most cowardly option available to them. And that includes Kelly. Fortunately, the Oregon fans and media are not as sanguine as Mr. Kelly, and are generally as soulsick as they ought to be...and that includes being outraged at this train which is already off its tracks.

So, NCAA/AFCA still think that you can mandate class? Legislate poise? Teach sportsmanship to a young man by simply waving your administrative wand?

That said, congratulations to Boise State in a route not reflected by the final tally.

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