BlogPoll Calling: Week One Ballot Submitted

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Southern Cal 1
5 Ohio State 2
7 California 2
8 Georgia Tech
9 Mississippi 1
10 Penn State 2
11 Oklahoma State 3
12 Brigham Young 7
13 Oklahoma 9
14 TCU 1
15 Boise State
16 North Carolina 1
17 Virginia Tech 6
18 Cincinnati
19 Michigan State 3
20 Arkansas 3
21 Miami (Florida)
22 Texas Tech 1
23 Nebraska
24 Iowa 6
25 UAB
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Oregon (#16), Georgia (#20), West Virginia (#24).

Explanations, etc.:

  • Cincinnati makes it's debut in the Top 25 after completely dismantling Rutgers yesterday.  I was tempted to put them in to begin on the strength of Brian Kelly's coaching alone, but with only 1 starter back on defense I just wasn't too sure about the Bearcats.  They have my attention now.
  • By that same token, West Virginia is out after struggling with Liberty and being included in the first place behind the oh so solid reasoning "someone has to win the Big East, right?"  Yes, someone does, and judging by this weekend's results they are the Bearcats
  • Oregon is out of the poll for obvious reasons.
  • Nebraska  makes their debut as well on the strength of needing someone to replace Oregon and their so called football team.
  • It may seem weird to move Ohio State up after they scraped by Navy, but considering how difficult it is to defend that offense when you never see it and can't duplicate in practice I have to give them some credit for finding a way to win.
  • LSU got jumped because they had far too much trouble with Washington, and what should have been an improved defense for them gave up more yardage than it did in any game last year, including against Florida, to a team that didn't win a single game last year.
  • I expected the Miami/FSU game to be the usual craptacular display that it's become, but that was a great game and both teams looked solid on both sides of the ball.  I said I would rank whoever won, so here are the 'Canes at #21.
  • Iowa is still ranked for some reason, though I've flopped them back to the bottom of the poll and put Michigan State back higher.
  • UAB stays at 25 'til they lose.  Go Blazers.

Joe Webb, your CUSA Offensive Player of the Week after racking up 415 yards of total offense and four total TDs.

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