Astericks are for losers, not elite championship-caliber teams

A reprint of a post on BON.  Yeah, I know, but the bullshit being feed by the media and gobbled up by the Texas fans is ridiculous, and I felt the need to post a comprehensive rebuttal of sorts to this thread, which is insane, ludicrous, and idiotic at best.  The one basic fact is that football is a TEAM sport, not a one-player sport, and Texas was unprepared.  To say we don't have the best team is the dumbest bullshit I have ever heard.  Grow some, accept defeat, and prepare for next year.  Screw our feelings as fans; what pisses me off is disrespecting our players and their accomplishments for busting their ass over the past four years to reach this plateau. 

my reason for posting is that, while I thought the MODS at BON were cool, somehow that thread was FP'd, and it just makes the Texas fans look pathetic.

Texas - Your offense was based on one player. He got hurt. If you honestly think Bama would have played the same and our playcalling would have been the same had McCoy not gotten hurt, then you are thinking out of lunacy. We got a big lead, thanks in part because of McCoy’s injury, but thanks in HUGE part to our running game and our defense. Had McCoy stayed in, you don’t know how he would have preformed against our defense.

Like Saban or not, you have to admit he is a defensive mastermind. Our defensive gameplan was centered around McCoy, and we changed that drastically when he went down, along with our offensive gameplan when we jumped out to the big lead. Credit to Gilbert and Shipley, but without Shipley you guys lose big – his speed in getting behind our defense on a couple of blown coverage plays was uncanny. Certainly a fan base as knowledgeable and respected as Texas would understand it isn’t so simple as saying you would have scored more than 37 with McCoy in; one – of many – reason is that, guess what? McCoy doesn’t play defense. Maybe if your vaunted rushing defense had stopped both of our backs from gaining over 100 yards, then you would have had a better chance. Where is the excuse on that one? Did McCoy play offensive line? Could he have stopped Bama from busting up the Utah shovel and forcing the fumble at the end by blocking cody, washington, anders? No. You conveniently forget the rest of the TEAM when playing the “unfair” card.

Don’t embarass yourself by leaning on the “asterick”. The media is using that as a story, and when Texas starts using that as an excuse you come off sounding more like a Boise or Texas Tech rather than the elite program you are. We won, we were the better TEAM; if you want to use the excuse of losing one player and you lose your shot to win, then you aren’t the better TEAM, you are the decent/mediocre team with one elite player (and you guys are more talented than that). Again, one player, McCoy does not stop Bama’s rushing attack or defensive pressure. One veteran Qb and one veteran WR does not a championship team make.

I think UT’s biggest problem has been pointed out in this thread. You guys blew so many teams out this year, yet your backup had so little experience. That is not Bama’s fault, that is your coaching staff’s fault. Mack Brown based his gameplan on McCoy, and while he was preaching fun and relaxation prior to the game, you could see the distress on his face when Colt went out.

Yes, as a Bama fan I am completely selfish and protective of my feeling of pride, and it overreaches, certainly, to passion and the aspect of me coming into this thread and reading what I hoped would be insightful feedback from a respected fanbase, but has turned into a few guys posting over and over again making excuses for the loss. But what is even more irritating is that you guys are feeding the media BS about the “asterick”. This not only takes away from what our kids accomplished but will feed a (probably) incorrect perception of your fan base when the media chooses to reference the “excuse makers” in Austin.

Bottom line, no one knows what would have happened if McCoy wasn’t hurt. Your offense probably would have been better, but, again, you never know how McCoy would have handled our defensive pressure all game and the schemes we developed for him. What would have been the excuse then?

Finally – it was a completely legal hit. EVERY expert, coach, etc. has confirmed that; hell, I could tell on the first replay. And this was the biggest game in college football with the most on the line; man up and play defense! We had a lot of backups in on the line and at skill (Richardson). It is highly ironic to see Texas fans, with the “#1” defense in the country (which we all know is incorrect at this point) complain about a score being run up on them by a “terrible” Bama offense that obviously and unabashedly went completely conservative after the half. amiright? Seriously, what would you have done if we had gotten Julio or Maze involved in the game at all?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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