The Colt McCoy Excuse

I, like many Bama fans, have been overjoyed since Thursday night.  However, my joy has turn into disgust for the pundits who have made the Colt McCoy excuse for Texas.  I am not going to pretend that Colt, if healthy, wouldn't have provided a different challenge for Bama, but that doesn't mean he would have given the Longhorns the victory.  It is possible that he could have played worse.  I outline the following points for the reasons the Colt McCoy excuse has no validity.

#1.  Here is what I posted on my brothers wall word for word on Thursday before the game.

H----- T--- Establish the run. Effective Play-Action passes. Take away the short passes. Knock the hell out of colt "ragdoll" mccoy

Thu at 3:49pm ·

Now I am not trying to say that I am a prophet, but if the History Channel runs another documentary on the new Nostradamus then I should be included.  In all seriousness anyone could have posted that statement, but please pay special attention to the last sentence.

I got a little sidetracked, but as a football team you want to establish physical dominance over a team.  You want to hit the quarterback every single time and you want to hit him hard.  There is not a defensive coach that would say that he wouldn't wantto hit the quarterback every single time.  Especially a quarterback as small and frail as Colt.

  Colt McCoy is not Tim Tebow.  McCoy was listed at 6 foot 1 and  180lbs coming out of high school.  Before the game I heard a coach in the Big 12 say that Colt was closer to 6 foot and that is why they blitz down the center, because Colt couldn't see over the line.  Don't get me wrong I think colt is a good athlete, but do you really think he would hold up in the SEC running the ball.  Think about Colt and now think about Tebow.  If you were a coach and you had your qb has the focal point of your rushing attack, who would you put your money on making it through the season? 

Also, all that nonsense about Colt being a better runner than Tebow is garbage.  Don't believe me.  If Colt can't succed at qb at the next level is there a backup position he can play?  I didn't think so. 

What were Alabama fans and even SEC fans saying before the NC game about Colt.  I remember people saying Colt McCoy was too small and not built to take hits against an SEC team.  Guess what?  They were right.  Colt can say that he has been hit like that all season, but apparently he wasn't. 

#2. These statistics are for quarterbacks that we played that ranked higher in qb passer rating than Colt McCoy. 

I have listed where they finished in QB rating, their qb rating, and their rating against Bama.

#1 Tim Tebow  averaged164 had a 120 against Bama
#8 Ryan Mallet averaged 152 had a 76 against Bama
#14 Tyrod Taylor averaged 150 had a 83 against Bama.       

Colt McCoy had an above average season, but Bama had success against good quarterbacks all season.  there is no reason to think that success wouldn't have been sustained by Bama.  All those quarterbacks had some success against Bama, but Bama was able to adjust their defense and dominate accordingly.

#3.  Fluke Injury?  I think not.  Those who think that Marcell's hit was not solid are fooling themselves or their last name is Griese.  Whenver your body is exposed to contact there is always the chance of injury.  For example, I never played high school football and   I decided to walk onto a div 1 football program.  Everything was going as plan.  I was doing well.  I decided to play pickup basketball with some of my teammates.  I went up for a rebound and another player made contact with me.  I came down wrong and tore my acl.  I wasn't hit hard, but my body was exposed to contact.  I also tore up my shoulder a year later during flag football.  An injury that was much worse than what Colt experienced and required surgery.  By the way I finished the game and that season and two more seasons after that before I had surgery, but I'm trying to question his forititude.  You get the point?  Whenever you expose yourself to contact there is always the possibility of injury. Injuries are a part of the game.  Ask D Hightower, T Prothro, GMc, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, W Britt.  Where were these people making excuses for Texas when Alabama's offense flustered once Tyrone Prothro broke his leg?

4# Finally,  if you don't remember anything I said please focus on this point.  Texas lost because of.................................

Bad Coaching.  Yes, bad coaching.  If you have read the previous points then you probably know what I'm going to say.  It's not Bama's fault that Colt  got hurt.  Mack Brown called the qb stretch/option to the middle of the field exposing his quarterback to unnecessary contact.  Yes, Marcel hit Colt, but what is he suppose to do.  All Texas had to do is watch film and realize that Bama has hurt bigger and stronger quarterbacks this season.  Ask jordan jefferson, ask ryan mallet who was yanked because of how many hits he was taking.  I am not providing any information that wasn't afforded to the Texas Coaching staff.  Instead of running up stats and trying to win the heisman for Colt, Mack could have decided to develop the young Gilbert in blowout victories.  But Gilber only threw 28 passes throughout the entire season.  Also, if Colt was so important to the success of the offense then why expose him to unnecessary hits.  if you couldn't afford to lose him then why put him in situations where he is taking free shots from a 300lb defensive end. 


Don't fool yourselves Texas and Auburn fans.  That game could have been 37-6.  Alabama could have decided to call offensive and defensive plays in the third qtr. 

I have few questions for you pundits who think Colt would have made the difference. 

Did Colt play defense too?

Also, what happened to that "vaunted" rushing defense"  I thought you guys only allowed 62 ypg.  Bama had two backs that each almost doubled your ypg average, but I guess this fact can be attributed to the emotional loss of Colt McCoy.

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