Expectations For The Dynasty?



To begin with I think SI calling us a dynasty is a little premature. But, what can we realistically expect from Bama now that we are on top of the college football world. I would like your opinions. Here is what I see.

To begin with everything hinges on Saban. I think Saban will stay at Bama for at least 5 more years. I’m sure some are thinking 20 years, but I think he may reach a point where he just decides to move up to the lake for good. In 5 years he will be 63/64. At any rate, I think Saban will stay at least 5 years because he loves Alabama, he loves the college game, he loves his present players, and his daughter is a freshman at UA. I do hope we put a statue up to him by next season. I think a statue will help make it harder for him to leave early.

I think for at least the next 5 years we will be the team to beat in the SEC West. I really can’t see a team to challenge us, although Arkansas may be a dark horse team at times. I think Saban will beat Miles until they get rid of him. I think Chizik will never get beyond about 8-4 (if that). I think Mullins will move on to greener pasture. I think Nutt’s best teams are behind him. Arky is the team that scares me. But, after watching their bowl I don’t know if they will every be that much either.

I suspect we win 4 of the next 5 West titles. In the SEC Championship it depends on Urban Myer. I don’t know if Urban is going to quit. I think he really may quit or go coach the Jags. If Urban is able to keep coaching the next 4 or 5 years Bama is going to be playing UF in the SECCG. I mean who in the east will beat an Urban Myer coached Gator team? But, it will be a UF team without Tebow. Tebow was the perfect qb to run Myer’s offense. Without Tebow I think we beat UF 3 out of 4 games.

If we win the SEC 3 times in the next 5 years that will put it is in the NCG at least twice. I think if we make 2 NC Games we will win 2 games. Why? Because the SEC is just that much better.

Bottom line I look for 4 West titles, 3 SEC titles, and 2 National titles between now and 2014. Which would give us 6 West titles, 4 SEC titles, 3 National titles in an awesome 7 year run (08-14). Now is that a dynasty? Maybe by today’s standards it is. But from 73-79 we won 6 SEC titles, and 3 NT’s and I don’t think we were ever called dynasty back then.

Anyway, all this could change over night with Saban leaving (or perish the thought the NCAA messing with Bama.) But...if Saban stays and we stay clean there is no reason not to have a great run. I can really see #14 and #15 in short order. And from now until 2014 we should be the dominant team in college football.

What do you see?


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