BO Nation discusses how to handle MT Cody

Read all about it.  Excerpts:

An easy and prevalent meme following the Nebraska debacle was, "If Suh did that to the Longhorns, how could they possibly hope to contain Cody?" In fact, the two defensive tackles couldn't be more opposite. Where Suh is 300 pounds of ridiculously sculpted muscle, Cody's gut is pendulous. Where Suh is unbelievably disruptive and athletic enough to drop into coverage and bat down and intercept passes at a tremendous rate for a defensive tackle, Cody is the prototypical space eater -- difficult to move, but not an active, sideline-to-sideline defensive tackle like Lamarr Houston.

 Well, there's difficult to move, and then there's difficult to move.  Cody is the latter, not the former.

There are several main ways to deal with Cody. The first one is obvious -- to double team him on running plays in an attempt to keep him from forcing cutbacks. That solution presents a major problem -- it forces an offensive linemen to stay on the line of scrimmage and keeps them from getting to the second level, allowing All-American linebacker Rolando McClain to make plays.

This is certainly true, and a big part of our defense this year.

The second solution is to play him straight up, running the risk that he will use his strong hands to fight off the blocker, a major concern for the Longhorns given the poor play of Chris Hall at times.

I'm no Offensive Coordinator, but this doesn't seem wise to me.  Over at BON, they don't say if they think this is a likely recipe for success.

The final solution for dealing with Cody has nothing to do with blocking schemes. Rather, it has to do with the speed of the game. Cody often has to head to the sideline for a breather when opponents go on long drives against the Alabama defense -- an exceedingly rare occurrence. Conditioning is not his strength, no surprise considering his waistline, though he has reportedly lost a fairly significant amount of weight over the last year or so.

Likewise, the Texas offense has been at its best this season when accelerating tempo, particularly in the minutes before the half -- the Longhorns have scored in the last two minutes of the half nine times in 13 games this season, including game-changing touchdowns against Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. Running the football against Alabama is much easier when Cody is not in the game.

Their solution:  Have a lot of offensive success to get Cody off the field!  Of course, in order to have a lot of offensive success, you'll need to get Cody off the field first, so I'm not sure that this passes the "lucid thoughts" test, but again I'm no OC, so what do I know?

And here's this little gem hidden in the comments:

One month off is not good for Cody...he will be super slow...

I’m sure his stanima has decreased with the layoff in games. I think he will be a non-factor after 1st Q

by Dawnpatrol

Ummmmm, sure.  That sounds reeeeeeaaaaaal likely to me, too.

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