Not So Much 30 Things We Freakin Learned Yesterday

1. Losing sucks and I seriously forgot what this felt like..

2. Waking up the morning after said loss makes waking up at 6:30am on a Sunday NOT fun.

3. Dammit! Have we ever heard of ZONE coverage on 3rd and fucking +5!!!!

4. I wonder what people think about SC's WR core now?

4. Did we leave Mark and Trent on the bus???

5. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN....................................................DAMN!

6. Oh the horror of bump and run against bigger taller WR's....

7. Stephen Fucking Garcia

9. GMac had a career day doesn't feel that way..

10. We gave up more points in one game than we had all season combined....SHIT!

11. How the hell are Auburn and LSU both bowl eligible before we are?!

12. I want to punch something

13. I was wrong....there is no amount of alcohol that can make you forget about what transpired yesterday in Cock'ville.

14. People who say Bama fans take football too seriously can kiss my fucking ass....

15. I take Bama football waaaayyy too serious

16. I've never missed Marquise Johnson so much in my life....#thatssomethingineverthoughtidsay

17. We played like a team with no heart and that seriously pisses me off.

18. USC aint that good but they played the game of their i tip my cup and give you the middle finger....

19. Storming the field is what other teams do to us....i never want to see it again.

ed - Sorry, but #8 & #20 had to go. We always say that the gloves are off on gameday regarding language, but we try to keep it PG-13 the other 6 days of the week.




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