I Want To BEAT Ole Miss.


Ok, I’m done talking about SC. I was there, it was a horrible feeling and the SC fans have no class. But, we got beat on the line on both sides of the ball and that is what bothers me more than losing.

Furthermore, I’m just not going to spend too much time worrying about who needs to beat whom and by how much for us to somehow get back to the NCG. It still could happen and if does great, but for now I think Bama fans need to put it on the back burner and just focus on Alabama.

And for me that starts with Ole Miss. Now some have already suggested that we will literally kill Ole Miss. However I will say this: we could have our hands full. To begin with this is not the same team that lost to Jack St. They have righted their ship and will come in with an offense that has been putting up a lot of points. They seem to do a lot of it on the ground where Bolden is averaging almost 7 per carry and Masoli has run for decent yardage too. Their passing attack is not terrible either and Masoli has hit about 60%. With Masoli at qb they become a challenge to defend and definitely a challenge when it comes to putting pressure on the passer. They are of course coming off a bye week which gives Nutt time to install some trickeration and they probably smell blood in the water. If you think we are going to win in walk, something like 45-3, I think you need to replay last Sat. By the way, Ole Miss still controls their own destiny in the SEC West and don’t think they don’t know it.

As for Alabama I look for us to come out with more intensity. Our guys have been challenged, even embarrassed, and now the have a chance to begin to erase that embarrassment. How they respond will tell more about their character, desire and poise than they can imagine. I’m sure Saban will do his part to have them ready.

I’m really not worried about winning (I think we should win Sat. because their D seems to be weak) as much as I am worried about beating people. I want to see us beat other teams physically. I want to see the other team’s RB not want to carry the ball. I want the opposing QB to suddenly come down with "flu like symptoms" before he plays Alabama because he is sick with fear. I want to see the opposing LB’s not want any part of our RB’s. I want to see DB’s wishing they didn’t have to tackle Julio.

To be honest I don’t think we have really played "Alabama Football" this year. The Arky comeback was great, but we did not overwhelm them. UF was a good example of opportunistic football, but we did not really dominate them. And the non conference games were just a case of more talent on our side.

So we got them at home and it is homecoming and it is at night. The crowd needs to be totally into it right from the beginning. If you go to this game and you can talk on Sunday, you are holding out.

So, tell me how you feel. Is this now the most important game of the year?

And hopefully if we get to sing Rammer Jammer on Sat. night it will be because we really beat them.    

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