best quote from the weekend

Best quote of the weekend:
Bob Davie at beginning of the Barn/Kentucky game on ESPN. "You have to worry about the Auburn fans; there is a lot of fans here in orange jerseys, if their not exhausted. Cheering so hard for South Carolina in that game earlier this afternoon. I'm mean, the roar in this stadium (from Auburn fans) when South Carolina scored you would of thought there was a live game going on." That sums Barners up in a nutshell.

Notice the facebook statuses. Every 'War Eagle' has to include the Bama loss. I honestly can't remember one time last season when I saw a facebook status from a Bama fan jeering a Barn loss. Even in the Iron Bowl, all I saw was compliments for making it a competitive game. We were concerned about moving on to Florida rather than think about the Barn. If you have the stomach go to the Barn Board is about 25 stories to 1 on the Alabama loss instead of their own win. About 10 stories to 1 on how the shelters for battered women and children were going to be flooded from Bama fans in trailer parks. Its so laughable its not even funny. Its just sad. Barners won't admit but, last night was bigger than the night the beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar to win their "People's/Golf Digest National Championship". I don't know what they would do if the University of Alabama didn't exist.

Best joke, non-joke of the weekend:
Did you hear? Auburn won their 2nd national championship.
Yep, the final score:
South Carolina - 35
Alabama - 21

Sad but, true.

This is why we must beat their a**es later this season.

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