South Carolina = Lame

I was upset when South Carolina lost tonight.  I really was.  My issue is simple.  South Carolina is lame.  Before I explain, let me say that the BYE week controversy has been well-chronicled here, so there's no need to give that any additional discussion.  We expected to receive every team's best shot, so there's no need to talk about that either.

In terms of flattery for beating us last week, I say congratulations.  You played a great game.  As for tonight...go to hell.  You are lamer than lame.  You are a joke. 

Against us you pulled out all the stops.  Great play calls.  Aggressive defense.  Big time conversions and stops.  You didn't hold anything back.  You played like that was the last football game you'd ever play.  No tomorrow.  No holding back.  No regrets.  Lay it all on the line.  During the game your coaching staff looked prepared and ready.  You had an answer for everything. You really went all out to beat us and you achieved that feat.  Again, congratulations.

Yet you followed this performance up with a halfass effort against Kentucky.  And you lost.  Did you prepare as hard for them?  Did you get up for them?  Did you scout them and analyze them as hard as you analyzed us?  Did you pour as much of your collective soul into that game tonight as you poured into last week's game against us?  I don't think you did.

On Kentucky's game-winning touchdown pass, you weren't lined up correctly.  You allowed a receiver to find the end zone without a defender anywhere in sight.  With a 28-10 lead, your offense went to sleep.  And then you blew both a chance to win or tie the game at the end of regulation.

For this, you're lame.  You're just as lame as Tennessee and Auburn were in 2009.  Both those teams pulled out all the stops to beat Bama, yet Tennessee played a horseshit game against Mississippi a few weeks later and Auburn lost five of their last seven regular season games, but managed to throw everything they had against Bama.

Amateurs.  You guys put more emphasis on your game against us than you did on your game against Kentucky.  That's disgusting.  Yes, we were number one and the defending champ.  But if you really want to be a great team, you don't lose games like you lost tonight.  And you play for more than the spoiler's role.

I'm not upset that you wanted to beat us and that you tried your hardest. I'm not upset that South Carolina actually pulled off the feat; I'm upset that you lame asses put all your concentration, energy, and strength into beating us, yet you give halfass performances against other opponents.  That's lame.  That's despicable.  And that's why you--collectively--don't have many championships.

Coach Spurrier: that was halfass.  Let's be honest.  That sucked.  Did you prepare as hard for Kentucky?  Were you as motivated to beat them as you were to beat us?  Any team who holds back against the Kentuckys and Mississippis and Georgias of the world while putting in overtime for Alabama is lame in my book.  Why don't you play for a championship season instead of putting all your eggs into beating us. 

Don't misunderstand.  You should want to beat us.  But it's pretty damn lame to shoot your load against us and then follow up with a loss to Kentucky (just like it was lame of Tennessee to get blasted by Mississippi and Virginia Tech and lame of 2009 Auburn to lose to Arkansas, Kentucky, play lifelessly against LSU, lose to Georgia, and then put their entire existence into beating Alabama (including taking a BYE in the middle of November).

Play every opponent the same.  People criticize Jim Tressel and Nick Saban for their approach, for not taking any opponent any more or less seriously than the next, but they coach to win championships.  They coach to win every game.  They don't coach to go 8-4 with one major upset victory.

Your approach is lame.  That is all.  I feel better now.  Good night.

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