30 Things That "DERP'd" Yesterday

1. There was more DERP in college football yesterday than ever before. When Auburn, Boise St, TCU and Oregon are all in the "top 5"...DERP is the only way to explain this season.

2. Ohio State DERP'd on itself yesterday. It wasn't pretty and smelled really bad. That game was eerily similar to our DERP performance last week.

3. Our game last night was odd. I can't put my finger on it but I was left scratching my head after that offensive performance..

4. South Carolina = the DERP of the SEC.

5. Auburn put 65 points up on Arky....I didn't watch the game but WTF happened?!?! I know they aren't that good...

6. Evidently, "defense" is just an "option" at Arkansas and Auburn...

7. The picture of Julio, Ingram, and Trent sitting on the bench in the 3rd quarter made me sad....We are wasting their talent.

8. Nebraska = The DERP of the Big 12

9.  Has Auburn played anyone yet with a serviceable defense? Nope.

10. Thank you Kentucky for beating SC....

11. FUCK YOU South Carolina for losing to Kentucky...

12. Again...DERP DERP DERP = this season

13. Florida you have been Croomed  Mullened....

14. I doubt Auburn's basketball team could score 65 points on Arkansas...

15 Wisconsin and South Carolina....When you are a ranked team and you beat the #1 team in the country....YOU DO NOT STORM THE FIELD! You DO NOT tear down the goal posts...YOU ACT LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BEAT THE #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY....losers...

16. How much you wanna bet the Badgers shit the bed next week?

17. Auburn's "Much Improved Defense" has given up 20+ points in 5 of their 7 games......including a 34 and 43 point performance...DERP!

18. I don't care what people say...the defense played MUCH better last night. Ole Miss only had one "decent'' drive all night. Also, if Maze holds onto that ball, the D only gives up 7 points...

19. 3rd and long is still a problem though..

20. Because my lap top officially died I wasn't able to put in my picks for Pick'em...damn

21. Who's the first coach to be fired on UF's staff?

22. I bet Urban wishes he cared less about Laptops than he does about threatening women...

23. Derp derpity derp derp

24 Why does 6-1 feel like 1-6?

25.  Chopping Habenaro peppers + touching your eyes = pain

26. Our offense has absolutely no identity...and for the life of me I don't understand why.

27. I loved seeing Saban yelling at the defense AFTER they had just got a interception.

28. Saban is never happy.

29. We have to STRETCH THE FIELD or defenses will be able to stack the box and stop our running game. Its easy...we have the WR's to do it...SO WHY AREN'T WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30. I learned that spending time with my wife and kid is 100000x more important than watching football all day....That Bama football is only something that I do for a couple hours on a Saturday...that is not my life..I love Alabama football and will always be passionate about it but i will no longer spend negative energy watching a game....that said....

ROLL TIDE ROLL Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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