RBR Celebration Thread

My wife works in management for a big corporation.  As a man who usually despises all things administrative, I give her a pass (she's my wife...kind of have to).  I do, however, overhear some of the motivational strategies that she is instructed to use on the people she manages.

One of the lamest these is what they call a "Celebration Session".  It sounds really juvenile, and maybe even a little cultish, but I think the idle week is a good time for the members of Roll Bama Roll to celebrate one another.  It's pretty simple.  You just go around and say something nice about someone else.

I'll go first.

Outsidethesidelines: You write some of the best football analysis I have ever read.  You are usually spot on with your predictions and breakdowns.  I enjoy your reports tremendously.

Kleph:  You are a very bright man and your passion for the program runs deep.  You are very dedicated to this blog and your endeavors and I admire this. 

Todd: LaTodd is the man.  He is to this blog what Julio Jones is to the offense.  We don't always see everything he does, but he is the straw that stirs the drink.  He is the benevolent dictator of RBR.

Nico: you are the easiest going of the bunch and that's necessary.  Every great team needs balance and your laid back nature gives that to the RBR team.  You are a real fan, yet you don't seem to attack anyone or get upset over minor issues.

Pete Holiday:  If my employer ever tries to fire me for some bogus reason, I'm going to hire you as my lawyer.  You are like Kleinfeld in Carlito's Way except you don't use coke.  You are a master of all things legal and regulatory and you seem like a nice person at heart.

Matt Dover:  you are a nice young guy.  I honestly don't follow basketball but I can respect a fellow UA grad's support of the university.

Bammer:  I enjoy your post-game posts and your opinions.  You are a good dude.

Bamareturns07: You are also a good dude and you're very passionate.  You also agree with me most of the time so I consider you an ally.

Chinesedentist: You make a wicked Caucasian.  I know where I can find a good drink in Tuscaloosa.

5026: You are a really good person.  I can sense that.  You don't curse and you don't say anything negative.  I consider you one of the last good people on earth and regardless of what you think, I can tell a lot about you from what you post.  You are a very good representative of your faith.

Tempebamafan: You have a good sense of humor and a great appreciation of Lebowski.  One doesn't need anything else in life.

Stuck in the Plains: You are a very bright guy and you are extremely loyal to Bama.  I can tell you're very cool.

Mr. Pelicanpants: I like your stories and posts.

Thomas Walker, Esq.  You are very funny and witty.

Queen:  You are a nice lady.

BigSis and LilSis:  Good ladies and loyal fans.

If I'm forgetting anybody I'm sorry.  You're a good bunch.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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