30 Things We Learned Yesterday

1. Hi Defensive Line, so nice for you to finally show up. I heart you.

2. I am now forced to name my next child "Robert Lester Upshaw Walker". Honorable mention "Mosely".

3. BDS at night (or anytime for that matter) is one of the sexiest damn things I've ever seen. The Blimp shots were freakin awesome.

4. Our running game wasn't as dominating as it has been in the past, but dayum...We were pretty much doing whatever we wanted on offense in the 1st half....more on the 2nd half later..

5. Julio...dude....CATCH THE FUCKING BALL! You're still the man though...

6. CJ're gonna be a star but you need to learn how to PICK UP THE F'ing RB COMING OUT OF THE BACKFIELD!

7. Les Miles...You are a complete tool. How you still have a job is beyond me...You must hand out free corn dogs during the week to make people like you.

8. Playing defense is optional in the Pac-10...

9. Last nights victory thread was epic...a lot of drunk posting and a lot of deleted comments...

10. Stuck in the plains...lulz....

11. All of a sudden, living in Florida isn't that bad anymore...

12. Just because...OMGZ CAM FUR HEIZMANS!

13. The final score last night was oddly close to the 2005 version

14. Speaking of final scores...we have outscored UF 62-9 in the last two games at BDS...awesome

15. Lane Kiffin...get use to losing..Karma's a bitch and its about to drop on your head like a 900 lb hammer...and thy name is Oregon.

16. Watching the end of the LSU/ UT game was painful, hilarious, elating, wonderful, lulz and head scratching all at the same time......what a great day...

17. The rest of the SEC shit themselves after last night...

18. Texas....if Colt McCoy was still your'd still suck. And just lost to a bad OU team...LOVE IT!

19. Hey Urban....hows the heart?

20. On 2nd thought..we will not discuss the 2nd half sucked..everyone knows it...they'll be fine

21. What Nick Saban has done to our program is indescribable...


23. If we could learn how to cover RB's out of the back field...offenses wouldn't gain a damn yard...thats so frustrating.

24. Our defensive backs are gonna be something special...watching these guys grow up is highly enjoyable...

25. Penn St has officially shit the bed...

26. Im not sure UGA fans can take much seriously going to start worrying about them if they keep losing...

27. Ive said this each week so why stop now...God, UT is a trainwreck...isn't it great?!

28. Have I mentioned how happy I am to be living in Florida today? Works gonna be great!

29. Gmac said it best...If you want to beat'll have to kill us.

30. Ill leave you with a quote from one of the better Gator fans out there, Skigator. I think it sums up last nights game perfectly..

Ya'll just crushed us. It was clear in the trenches – you just blew us up on both sides of the ball all night. Even when there was nowhere to run, you still gained 3 yards. Then you had 2 men in the backfield on every offensive play we ran. Saban beat Meyer tonight by a ton. We just aren’t in the same league right now. Congrats on a nice win.


That’s all I have to say about that.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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