Alabama Record Breaking Watch: Week 5

Despite the Dexter-esque dissection of the Gators on both sides of the ball in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, not a lot of headway was made in Mark Ingram's bid towards the all-time rushing record. His first two outings of the year were for 151 and 157 yards. Ingram gained a mere 47 yards on 12 carries against the Gators. Ingram needed 96.8 yards per game after the Arkansas game to break the record. He came up 49.8 yards short of that total against the Gators. This will mark the first week that Ingram hasn't met the minimum yardage goal, so the average will rise this week. He'll need roughly 103 yards per game for the next eight games in order to break the record. His 47 yards were enough to put him even with Johnny Musso for 4th place on the all-time list.


Place Career Yards Attempts Player Years
1st 3,565 727 Shaun Alexander 1996-99
2nd 3,420 615 Bobby Humphrey 1985-88
3rd 3,324 702 Kenneth Darby 2003-06
4th (tie)
2,741 574 Johnny Musso 1969-71
4th (tie) 2,741 455
Mark Ingram
6th 2,645 612 Dennis Riddle 1994-97
7th 2,560 408 Bobby Marlow 1950-52
8th 2,519 447 Johnny Davis 1974-77
9th 2,486 535 Sherman Williams 1991-94
10th 2,288 410 Shaud Williams 2002-03

Things went quite a bit better in the TD department for Ingram. He needed 1 TD per game to be on course to break Alexander's record and he doubled up on that. He passed Johnny Musso against Florida to take 2nd place on the all-time rushing TD list.


Place Career Rush TD Player Years
1st 41 Shaun Alexander 1996-99
2nd 35 Mark Ingram
3rd 34 Johnny Musso 1969-71
4th 33 Bobby Humphrey 1985-88
5th 29 Tony Nathan 1975-78
6th 27 Sherman Williams 1991-94
7th 26 Bobby Marlow 1950-52

No progress this week towards the record for all-time 100-yard rushing games. He needs half of the eight remaining guaranteed games to break this record.


Place  100yd Games Player Years
1st (tie) 15 Shaun Alexander 1996-99
1st (tie) 15 Bobby Humphrey 1985-88
3rd (tie) 12 Kenneth Darby 2003-06
3rd (tie) 12 Sherman Williams 1991-94
3rd (tie) 12 Mark Ingram 2008-current
6th (tie) 9 Shaud Williams 2002-03
6th (tie) 9 Siran Stacy 1989-91
6th (tie) 9 Johnny Musso 1969-71
6th (tie) 9 Bobby Marlow 1950-52
10th (tie) 7 Dennis Riddle 1994-97
10th (tie) 7 Johnny Davis 1974-77

Beginning this week, we're also going to start watching Julio Jones' progress towards the all-time career reception record. It's a ridiculously long shot that he'll break it in that he needs 8.75 catches per game over the next eight games to top D.J. Hall's mark of 194. Even if Jones doesn't surpass Hall, he will likely climb to #2 (he'll need 27 catches or 3.4 catches per game to claim that spot.) Jones had four catches against the Gators.


Place Receptions (yds) Player Years
1st 194 (2,923) DJ Hall 2004-07
2nd 152 (1,859) Freddie Milons 1998-2001
3rd  132 (1,857) David Bailey 1969-71
4th 125 (1,842) Julio Jones 2008-current
5th 117 (1,863) Keith Brown 2004-07
6th 108 (1,332) Lamonde Russell 1987-90
7th (tie) 106 (1,568) Curtis Brown 1991-95
7th (tie) 106 (1,294) Antonio Carter 1999-2004
9th (tie) 102 (2,070) Ozzie Newsome 1974-77
9th (tie) 102 (1,611) David Palmer 1991-93

Greg McElroy is unlikely to pass Brodie Croyle's all-time TD passing record, but he will likely wind up in the Top 5 at season's end. McElroy would need 2 TD passes per game over the next eight games to break Croyle's record. Interestingly enough, ESPN currently projects him to finish the year with 17 TDs (he currently has seven), which would give him sole possession of 3rd place and one TD ahead of Andrew Zow and Mike Shula. McElroy only needs five more to crack the Top 5 though, which is 0.56 TDs per game over the next five games, something that'll surely happen. The Florida game was the first game of the 2010 season that McElroy didn't throw a touchdown pass.


Place TD Passes Player Years
1st 41 Brodie Croyle 2002-05
2nd 37 John Parker Wilson 2005-2008
3rd (tie) 35 Andrew Zow 1998-2001
3rd (tie) 35 Mike Shula 1983-86
5th (tie) 30 Freddie Kitchens 1993-97
5th (tie) 30 Jeff Rutledge 1975-78
7th (tie) 29 Harry Gilmer 1944-47
7th (tie) 29 Walter Lewis 1980-83
9th 27 Scott Hunter 1968-70
10th (tie) 26 Jay Barker 1991-94
10th (tie) 26 Greg McElroy 2007-current

There's pretty much no way on earth that McElroy is going to break JPW's career passing yards record, but he's still likely to finish his career at The Capstone among the top 5-6 to ever play for QB for the Tide. So, while breaking the all-time record is nigh impossible, we'll still chart McElroy's climb up the leaderboard to see where he finishes among Bama legends. He currently sits at #10.


Place Pass Yards Pct (cmpl - atts) Player Years
1st 7,924 57% (665 of 1,175) John Parker Wilson 2002-05
2nd 6,382 56% (488 of 869)  Brodie Croyle 2002-05
3rd 5,983 54% (459 of 852)  Andrew Zow 1998-2001
4th 5,689 57% (402 of 706)  Jay Barker 1968-70
5th  4,899 57% (382 of 672)  Scott Hunter 1993-97
6th 4,668 50% (343 of 680)  Freddie kitchens 1993-97
7th  4,257 58% (286 of 504)  Walter Lewis 1980-83
8th 4,069 54% (313 of 578) Mike Shula 1983-86
9th 3,842 56% (345 of 621) Gary Hollingsworth 1989-90
10th  3,687 64% (272 of 428)  Greg McElroy 2007-current
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