BAMA vs. SC Some Comments/Observations

I have to say that for the second straight SEC road game, we were hit in the face with a 2x4 yet again, forced to dig our way out of a big hole and this time failed to do so.

Todd nailed it on the play calling, but in addition to that there were multiple points of failure:

Secondary - Torched and torched again. Looked like a display of JV vs. varsity out there.

Tackling - again overruns/bad angles and arm tackles leading to many yards after initial contact

Pass rush - I thought we just got it back - so we lost it again and as an aside - pass rushers PLEASE TACKLE THE WAIST instead of trying to rip the QB's head off!!! Even when we get a chance, it seems like 90% of the time they just duck and run

Offensive line - WOW! Whipped at the line scrimmage. Poorest performance from the O-line since Utah IMO.

QB Play - OK, so a lot of yards and pass completions but many of those sacks were on GMAC for not getting rid of the ball. Good example was a roll right/scramble where he took a loss insted of throwing it away - Rhodes scholar finalist who can't throw the ball away?!?!?

Special teams - The kicking game was bound to bite us sooner or later - punting - nightmare - 31 yd field goal - nyet - extra point...wait for it...Are You Kidding Me (had flash backs of bad Tiffin)?!?!

Can't wait to see how they react to this loss. I hate to lose but perhaps it's the best thing for this group to experience instead of living dangerously and getting away with it.

Doubtful Oregon, Boise or Ohoio St. lose - SEC may get shut out this year with one loss team being on the outside looking in - Heck at this point the Madhatter may pull it off, now that they suddenly found a system that seems to work for both of their QBs.

So in closing - we had to lose eventually, and USC played over their heads - but what team this year isn't going to play over their heads when they play us (besides FL who will most likely lose to SC)?

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