Who are you rooting for now?

Ok, we aren’t going to win the NC this year, but I’m very optimistic about 2011.

So, in light of that I do think how the rest of this year plays out could actually effect 2011. Obviously I want Bama to win out, go to Orlando, embarrass a Big 10 team, and end up ranked about #5. That would be the best case scenario. Short of that I am pulling for our enemies to lose and our "neutrals" to win here on out. (A neutral is a team I don’t hate, I just don’t care one way or the other. A good example would be Va Tech, I’m neutral on these guys so they can win the ACC for all I care. However, I just don’t like Miami. They can lose them all.)

First of all I want UGA to beat Auburn. Some fools kept saying they wanted AU to be undefeated when we play them. Listen, nothing good ever comes from an Auburn win, any Auburn win. I think most Bama fans now want UGA because it keeps our slim SEC hopes alive. I want UGA to win simply because it is Auburn.

Secondly, I want UF to beat SC. Shouldn’t be that hard as SC’s season ended with Bama. My reasoning is that as much as I don’t care for the Gators, I sure don’t want Auburn to win the SEC. Furthermore, the Gators have the best chance of beating Auburn. They have gotten better and actually have a guy that can simulate Cam in practice and they have guys who have played him in practice. I fear if SC beats UF then Auburn is going to have an easy time with those guys.

Third, I’m now an Oregon Duck fan. I actually like the way they play anyway and besides they have never won a NC. And, we don’t recruit against them so if they win it all then it does not hurt us at all. Listen, if Bama can’t win it, Oregon might as well. I just hope they lose everybody off this team so we don’t have to play them in 2011. These guys are scary good.

As far as the other team in the BCS I’d just as soon see TCU. Now, I’m not a big TCU guy, but I figure that if they get in Oregon will clean their clock and maybe we can stop hearing about TCU & Boise. An epic beat down of TCU by Oregon would actually make me very happy.

Another team I want to lose is LSU. I figure they can lose to Arky, and will be pulling for the Hogs big time. My reasoning...well first I went to the Arky game and their fans were actually very nice to me. It is the exact opposite of LSU as far as fan treatment.

Besides, if LSU loses to Arky, it could improve our bowl placement. Remember, in the line up of SEC bowls the bowls pick in order and must pick in order of won-lost record...BUT they can go down a place to a team with ONE MORE LOSS. Let’s say we end 9-3 and LSU is 11-1, no bowl can pick us over LSU. But...if we are 9-3, and LSU is 10-2 then a bowl can pick us over LSU. Not saying it is going to happen, but if it comes down to Orlando and they can chose between the past National Champion who hasn’t been there in 15 years and an LSU team that is more lucky than good, and been there recently...I think they go with us. Just saying, any LSU loss helps us out.


Finally, if UGA goes down to Auburn then I want them to lose to Tech too. It is to our advantage for UGA not to go to a bowl as it helps us with Crowell. I mean UGA might even get foolish and fire Richt. Nevertheless, I’d be excited for UGA to beat Auburn.

In other games- I want UT to loose to UK so they get no bowl. I want Nevada to beat Boise as I hate them and their crying. And, I do not want Ohio St. to have even a shot at the NC so I’m going with Michigan.

And as far as Cam Newton. Well, I just want justice for him and Auburn. If he did it and they did it I hope they get major penalties. Nevertheless, I think this will only be settled after the season. I’d like it to be settled by Sat. or before the IB, but I just don’t think it will. So, for my own sanity I’m going to focus on Bama 1st, other games second, and just let the Cam thing go as much as I can.



Alright, we have lot of football left, who you rooting for?

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