My Theory

On the other post I commented:

Does anyone else think

it’s odd that we didn’t offer/strongly pursue many of Auburn’s best recruits last year and now a scandal like this is surfacing? Coincidence?

You know Saban won’t be played by recruits and he won’t deal with the cash requests and third party crap, so IMO that’s a big red flag on their stellar 2010 class, since he didn’t go after some of those guys.

At the time I wondered why we didn’t go after some of them and it’s possible that they were soliciting for extra benefits and Auburn was paying.


Their entire 2010 class stank of illegality.

Maybe I'm too loyal to Bama and see us as the superior program, but I'm convinced of the following:

1. Auburn could/can be the better program only while we were on probation or coached by a buffoon.

2. Once off probation, we hired Saban, he started kicking Auburn's ass in recruiting, we went undefeated in 2008 and ended their streak and they panicked.  They knew Tuberville couldn't do it, so they fired him and brought in a man who'd be a puppet for the suits.  In 2009, we signed another great class,  and we won the championship.  They continued to panic. 

3.  Simply stated, they realized they couldn't/can't compete with Saban/Bama on an even playing field so they pulled out all the stops.  They bought Newton and other players in a desperate attempt to compete.  Somewhere in Auburn, Lowder and Chizik and the rest of their brass sat around a table in a dark room with the shades drawn and they said, "All or nothing.  We have to beat Bama and we'll pay any price to do so."

This is the result.  Envy.  Inferiority complex.  Some of them might laugh at this, but I'm a betting man and I would bet that the aforementioned, or a similar variation of it, happened.  It happened.  Auburn knew they couldn't hang with us when Saban became our coach.

Could be ludicrous and just another Bammer Homer's theory, but I believe it.

What do you think?

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