Do you think Auburn can beat UGA without Cam?


First of all you need to remember that Auburn does not have to vacate wins until after the NCAA declares them vacated. So, assuming the NCAA tells Auburn it is in their interest to sit Cam until it is all cleared up, and assuming Auburn does in fact sit Cam (which they probably would if the NCAA advised them) Auburn still only has to win one game without Cam to go to the SECCG. Assuming the real investigation drags on until the spring. 

Furthermore, I think that even if they have to sit Cam, and they know he is ineligible, and know they are at some point going to vacate the wins they may still go ahead and go to ATL to play in the SECCG. I mean if they go and play without Cam it does not hurt them before the NCAA. So, what do they care?

So, one important question is can Auburn beat UGA without Cam? Actually, I think they can and probably would win even without him.

To begin with the game is at Auburn and I can promise their fans will be louder than ever almost out to kill someone over what they see as injustice. It will be very hard for UGA.

Secondly, if they sit Cam I suspect we will see the same strategy they used against us last year. Trick plays, onside kicks, reverses etc. And, although they have said Cam is playing who knows if maybe this week they have planed for him not to play and have working up a clever plan. And, UGA will be caught off guard by all of it.

Third, the Auburn players will likely be more fired up than ever. And, although they have relied heavily on Cam, they will want to show they are a real team. I would expect unreal effort on the part of the team.

Finally, UGA is just not that good. No team in the east has looked good this year and UGA is 3rd or 4th in the east. Even without Cam Auburn would be 4th in the west and so if you take 4th in the west (at home) against 4th in the east, I’d take the west.

So, there you go. Even if Cam doesn’t play I would probably take Auburn if I was betting on the game. However, I want UGA to win real bad and if Cam sits it definitely gives UGA a better chance.


So what do you think?

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