You have just entered the Camlight zone.

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which can be proven by man. It is a dimension of speculation and innuendo - vast as space and beyond any singular opinion. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. This is the dimension of imagination - where anything is possible. It is an area which we call The Camlight Zone


This thread embrace's all opinion and speculation regarding the outcome/resolution of Camgate. Think of it as the realm of Bizarro Pete. 


Sure we could choose to be patient and wait for facts to play out three years from now - OR - we could have a little fun knowing that this story WILL NOT DIE, but conversely evolve/mutate/grow over time. 


So step up, be bold and make a prediction of you think will happen after this camstrocity plays out. 


I'll kick it off: 


Cecil Newton, pastor by day - broker by night, is the proud parent of a young gifted athlete named Cam Newton. Cecil sees football as a means for his personal gain since that's where all the money is. He had already seen the potential profits of NFL stardom from his first son Cecil Newton Jr. who had become a successful offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 


Knowing that younger children typically develop at a faster rate due to trying to keep up with older siblings, Cecil dedicates his time and attention to developing Cam into a "Super Athlete," giving him access to camps, physical development programs and constant instruction. 


Cam grows up to be a prolific athlete who is highly recruited by one of the current SEC power programs, Florida University, coached by the Urbanator. 


Urban discovers Cam through the recruiting prowess of his longtime offensive coordinator and future coach protégé, Dan Mullen. 


Dan worked for the Urbanator since their days at Utah, where he started out as their quarterbacks coach. With Dan's eye for talent, he quickly discovered Cam Newton and the potential he had as the next Tim Tebow


While Cam excelled at athletics, he tended to ignore other vital aspects of his life, which would ultimately play a huge part in influencing his future choices once joining the Florida Gators. In short Cam lacked ethical and moral fortitude and resembled the behavioral traits of Eli's (a Jewish priest in the Bible) sons. 


As you would naturally expect from someone lacking morals and ethics, Cam made some bad choices which resulted in negative consequences for his future at FL Univ.  


Cecil became enraged at Cam, but quickly shifted his focus on a scheme that would get Cam back into Div 1 football. 


Cam went to JUCO while Cecil looked for someone who could get Cam back into an SEC program as the starting QB. Once Cam served a year in JUCO, Kenny Rogers was recruited to help the Newton family place his son on a team that would benefit both Cam and Cecil from a career and monetary perspective. 


Kenny, being a Miss St. alum and wanting to desperately see his beloved university succeed while getting some money for his services, sought out Cam's former mentor Dan Mullen. Dan, knowing Cam’s potential, wanted Cam in a bad way since he didn't have a QB close to Cam's ability. 


Cecil knew this and let Miss St. know that money was going to drive the signature. In order for the pay-for-play scheme to work, he had to find other suitors with a palate for professional negotiation and monetary means. 


Auburn's new recruiting staff was adept at discovering talent and upon reaching out to Cecil, quickly discovered that Cam’s signature would be pricey. AU needed some fundage from a person who would be unencumbered by moral or ethical behavior. They turned to Milton McGregor for help.



Milton had deep pockets and was a valuable ally and booster of Auburn University. He was considered part of "The Family," a well connected machine of money laundering and gambling which provided AU with the discretionary funds to buy any player in the nation. Also, with the newly hired "Yes man" Chizik as coach, AU was free to enter whatever bidding wars they wished while keeping the Chizik in the dark (enabling plausible deniability). 


Once Miss St. realized they were in a bidding war, they brought in "Big Gun Bell," to save the day. He quickly determined what the price was and the auction began. 


Cecil went back and forth between AU and Miss St. each time upping the ante. Miss St. finally hit a ceiling and had to pull the plug. Feeling like a spurned lover, Miss St. sent out a file to the SEC which included the watered down version of being approached by Cecil and Kenny for the pay-for-play scheme. 



Meanwhile, the Florida nation was collapsing as the Urbanator was having another mental meltdown of epic proportions. Seeing his program slip into mediocrity while taking another beating from the Ol' Nicktator - Urban loses his mind, second guesses himself and watches the theatre unfold as Auburn starts piecing together a dream season WITH HIS QB!!! Despite the fact that Urban could have kept him, he let Newton go during the reign of influence by Tim Tebow, who had temporarily swayed Urban to use good judgment and act on moral/ethical teachings.  


With Tebow gone, Urban no longer has his calming influence to guide him and his emotional instability creeps to paranoia. Urban needs a distraction FAST - something to get the attention off his team's poor performance. He knew Cam was dirty and he had to get story out that would set the sports world on fire. He called the New York Times and ESPN, telling them the information they needed to know to get the story rolling. 


Before the SEC, NCAA, Miss St. or Auburn had a chance to prepare themselves for the media onslaught, Twitter feeds were a flyin', two national news syndications had big stories and they were caught - pants down in the middle of the freeway with nowhere to turn. 


Lawyers were hired, accusations flew, fingers were pointing and people/sources were discovered. The nation turned into a feeding frenzy overnight and a classic Cinderella story turned into Nightmare on Toomer's Corner. 


Unbeknownst to any of the above, the FBI was working on a little political bribery scandal where one Milton McGregor and Co. were paying Alabama politicians to vote pro gambling during the upcoming legislation. While the FBI is working the case and installing wiretaps, they discover that McGregor also likes football and "helps" his beloved Auburn family whenever called upon. During this time they discover that Cam is bought and paid for along with other top national recruits, boosting AU's recruiting rankings to unprecedented levels.


The FBI is in a bit of a pickle because they can't release the tapes until the gambling case against McGregor is final. Once that's done with "New" evidence is brought to light and the dominoes start to fall.


The NCAA gains public access to relevant information and drops the bomb on AU AND Miss St. for boosters being involved in trying to pay or actually paying for players to come to their university.


Two Miss St. coaches are fired and Bill Bell is classified as persona non grata from the Miss St. athletic program. Bell is no longer allowed to affiliate with any sporting events, players, etc.


The bomb drops hard on Auburn making USC look like a secondary violation reprimand. AU fans run screaming into the streets crying out "Conspiracy by the Bammers!!" still clinging to their innocence even after the guilty verdict is handed down.


AU loses its booster cash flow, gets all wins for 2010 vacated, and loses 10 schollies for 5 years, bowl ban for three years and probation for ten years.


The good news is the coaching staff stays intact as they really didn’t know anything was going on. Additional bad news is the coaches all bail seeking programs not hit by probation - all except Chizik. Who stays on for another 3 years until he's fired for poor performance?


Cecil is kicked out of his 5 churches, but undergoes a successful career as a speaker for hire and consultant for church planting.


Cam goes on to have a successful career as a tight end in the Canadian Football League - until he's caught in an investment scam and serves three years in jail.


So just remember, when you're thinking something is pure speculation or someone's incredulous opinion - you too may have entered the Camlight Zone!!!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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