IB Week - Hey AUBS Thanks for the Extra Motivation!


As we prepare this week for grocery shopping and some good eating, this marks year 2 of the Iron Bowl being played on Friday. Personally I didn't like it at first, but I have come to embrace it as it feels like Bama fan's rivalry Christmas comes one day early. While Friday does cut into travel plans and time spent with our family, we get the benefit of a much bigger viewing audience by not having to share as much from Saturday scheduled games.

This season has shown we are more vulnerable in the trenches and our D has some growing up to do, but the good news our home games have yielded very positive results. The Tide has only given up an average of about 7 points at home games.

Granted Auburn will be the toughest offense we have faced all year, but I still like our chances since this is a home game. AU has proven vulnerable at away games just like several SEC teams this year.

Finally we get into the motivational/psychological aspect of this game. Everyone's been hyping AU and Cam as being unstoppable. There have been a couple out there who still are waiting for them to fall since their D lets opponents rack up some points, but for the most part, they are getting the media love.

All we have heard is how unstoppable Cam is. And this is from EVERYBODY. Heck we've said it ourselves. But one thing you can guarantee as a bankable commodity is Saban's penchant for motivation.

Don't think for a second that our guys aren't going to be ready to eat steel by gametime and lay the wood on anyone wearing blue. Don't think for one second that BDS isn't going to be loud enough to cause them jitters while getting/executing plays and coverages.

And this leads me to the final part of this post - additional motivation. I too have seen this picture and the second I saw it, I was angry enough to lay waste to anything/anyone wearing blue.

You know it's one thing to brag or act like you have arrived. It's expected to have taunts thrown at you via message boards and the likes. It's a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL - to DEFACE OUR BELOVED BEAR BRYANT.

Are you fricking kidding me AU? You have guts, but your definition of courage/taunting is woefully misplaced to think that their won't be consequences for this. You are coming to BDS!!! You are the VISITOR!!

I changed my plans to come to the game and give whatever voice I can to help support the tide.

I would love for BDS to be 10x louder (if that's possible) than the Florida game. I want them terrified - literally wetting themselves when they try to take a snap. I want them, and generations after, to remember the day they had it handed to them from a collective effort. I want BDS to be the toughest place to play in the nation.

The when it's over and they are lying on the ground in pain, listening to RJ play 10x, I want to have the beverage of my choice, toast my fellow fan and take a picture of the day there was a BAMA RECKONING at BDS. 

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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