They Were Who We Thought They Were


Dennis Green Flips (via styles354)



I never really understood Coach Green until yesterday. Auburn was indeed who we thought they were. A team centered around 2 players and nothing more. We had these m'fers on the ropes and from every account should have blown them off the field. WE allowed them back into the game, WE took the pedal off in the 2nd half, WE didn't make the adjustments, WE didn't take advantage of the late game fumble recovery, WE! WE! WE! WE! WE!

Now give credit to Auburn for taking advantage of OUR mistakes. They didn't give up and played till the end. But just like Dennis said, we let them off the hook. Sure they'll destroy South Carolina and more than likely Oregon on the way to their first legit NC. Cam will win the Heisman blah blah blah. This is what happens when you let teams off the hook. And that PISSES me off. I can handle losing but its the way and to whom (cheaters) that hurts.

IMO this loss is on everyone, except the defense. Holding Auburn to 28 should of been enough, especially since we scored 21 in the 1st freaking quarter. I was angry at Barron for giving up two big plays that resulted in TD's, but given his injury I give that MAN a complete pass. We contained Cam like no one has all year and outside of a few plays I believe the defense did their job and then some. So if anyone wants to bitch, sling your arrows towards the offense that left about 17 points on the field...6 FREAKING POINTS AFTER THE 1ST QUARTER???? REALLY?????

We will look back on this season and this game as one of complete disappointment. At worst we should be 11-1 and not 9-3. The bowl game will be nothing more than a pay day and one more game for those seniors and juniors who are moving on. Speaking of those Juniors, I don't think Hightower is leaving. I could even see Dareus staying given his disappointing year.. Ill even go as far as to say Barron might even stick around depending on this injury. Ingram and Julio are gone and its terribly frustrating that we wasted their talent this year. At least we got a NC and a Heisman out of them last year. If they all leave, next year could be just as frustrating.

So again, we gave Auburn this game, Cam the Heisman and a National basically, Auburn just 09 Alabama'd us. Ill go and puke now.


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