Is Sat. the defining moment of this season?

At the risk of simply stating the obvious I want to explain why I feel this game, LSU, will define our entire season.

To begin with LSU is a very good and talented team. They are not a great team, but they are certainly one of the top 15 teams in the country. Furthermore, we are playing them there and that is probably worth 7 points for them. And, they want this game as much as we do. It is the biggest game of their season.

But, I think more than anything else ths game is not about LSU. And, it is not about MSU, Auburn or even making a NC run. This game is about Alabama.

It is very, very hard to repeat as NC. In fact it is hard to actually have a great year the year after a NC. You are going to lose a lot of key players, you are going to have a harder time getting motivated, and eventually the breaks are going to go against you. And, everybody will have your game circled. In fact it is so hard that in the BCS era no team has repeated. And that covers some pretty talented teams like Florida and USC. Plus, since 2006 (win USC did it) the BCS winner hasn’t even made it back the NCG the next year. The last team to repeat as NC was a preBCS Nebraska team in 1996. To me that sounds incredible. 

So, all the talk about Alabama being a dynasty was premature at best and just ridiculous at worse. Moreover, you can’t help but wonder if the dynasty talk, and the Gmac streak talk, and the Ingram/Richardson spaghetti talk were not all major distractions. In fact our MVP thus far this year has to be Julio Jones and in a way he was a bit under the radar for a while with all the other crazy talk.

So here we are with our biggest game staring us square in the face. And, it really is all about how we play. If we play Alabama smash mouth, assignment smart, penalty and turnover free, football we will win. If we play below our ability we will lose. It is that simple.

If we play Alabama football on Saturday I think we will have turned the season around and stand a good shot at 12-1 and Glendale. If we win, at the very least we should go 10-2 and be invited to the Sugar Bowl as an at large team.

However, there is also a very real chance we will not play Alabama football and take a loss. If that happens then I think we probably finish no better than 9-3 and maybe go to Orlando, but probably go to the Cotton Bowl. We could even finish 8-4 and play in the Peach/Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

I say there is a real chance this collapse happens because in all honesty we have not played Alabama smash mouth football this year. We haven’t done it and to deny that is to just live in fantasy land.

So this game will define this season. Personally, I honestly think this team has it in them to turn it around and play up to a higher a level. A level at which even repeating as NC is possible.

Yes, I think we will do it on Sat.

What do you think?

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