As a courtesy to our authors, and in our anger/disgust/rage/nausea

I hereby make a modest proposal:
Let's be responsive to what the site mods author. In that spirit, let us take this opportunity here, in a single FanPost, to express all of our hostility/pent up rage/frustrations/disappointment/salubrious venting/catharsis/irrational calls for benchings and/or firings, and the like.



I know, I know. This gif is usually for second-half threads. Consider this post my second-half...of dyspepsia

For instance, I'll start:

  • Kirby Smart, you got outcoached by Gary Crowton in the 4th Quarter? Did that really just happen?
  • Greg McElroy, are you thankful that your Rhodes application didn't include a question reading "How do you respond under pressure?"
  • Offensive Line: write a 500 word essay comparing and contrasting your performance yesterday with the Maginot line. Which was least successful and why?
  • Mark Barron: C'mon, admit it, you're amongst friends: Every time a blitz is called, you mutter "oh shit" because you know that you will be chasing a wide receiver for 30 yards after a corner blows the assignment, don't you?
  • Mark Ingram: At night, as you're icing down your damaged knee, you look at your offensive line think to yourself, "I rehabbed like a maniac, coming back probably too early, for this?" Ditto Donte Hightower.
  • Julio Jones: As you work the stiffness out of your broken hand, how many times do you muse "Man, I really, really hope there's not a lock-out...or a rookie cap next year"?

Feel free to include your own. Remember, we can't properly be included in the meltdown thread unless there's some degree of gallow's humor involved.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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